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IT Services Web based Software Development Automation Case Studies

Case Studies

Every day we help our clients tackle their most painful business challenges with quality software solutions. We don’t just talk about great products. We make them with our clients. Read our case studies and find out how we’ve helped them bringing great products to market.



Managment Information System Developed by Icreativez

Government of Sindh with the collaboration of Save the Children were keen to improve the standards of Government Schools in the remote areas and for which they approach us to propose an idea that is practical and also cost efficient. Tech companies take big responsibilities for digitizing to provide ease to the institutions to make their systems more efficient and ICreativez Technologies is proud to be a part of case studies of online schooling systems in Sindh. We have tackled the problems that arose in the case study online schooling system and made it efficient, cost-effective as well as reliable. web development company in Pakistan have made the online system easier to access and be easily understood by everyone.


As the wheel of Public Sector Departments spin around the spindle of bureaucracy. The same goes with the education system under the supervision of Government. Education Department has already introduced a procedure which is responsible for the inspection and infrastructural maintenance of the schools. But the lengthy procedure has made the communication ineffective and often it was observed that a minor query could take around half a year to just reach the right department.


Since we were aware of the time and resource constraints in the department. After a brief research we devised the strategy through which we compiled the schools in a certain area and created and abstract Hub of certain group of schools. The Hub School was responsible for Data Gathering from the group of Schools that were under its hierarchy, and entered the data gathered in a specially designed Online Data Management System. Once the Data entered in the System. It is shared with not just Higher Departments but is available simultaneously for related communities, promoters, Concerned District Education offices and Secretariat on a real time basis. SBMS was inaugurated by additional Chief Secretary of Sindh Government.

Services Provided

Strategy Development and implementation, System Development and support


Complaint Managment Information System Developed by Icreativez

Since the Pakistan is an agricultural country and vast contribution of foreign exchange is generated through this sector. Government of every tenure strive hard to benefit the farmers and provide them and provide them subsidies.


Many departments had already introduced an online complaint system to facilitate citizens/farmers, but there was not any visible response in it. The common reasons among many were that the literacy rate are below average in the rural area so they were unable to understand the web based system and the availability of internet was another issue due to which the project fall apart.


Icreativez Technologies, a leading IT solutions company in Karachi were approached by Agriculture, Supply & Prices Department, Government of Sindh to devise a strategy to solve the issue. After interviewing the office holders as well as farmers. Icreativez Technologies proposed a SMS based system, through which Farmer can simply complaint via send a SMS. If not resolved the complaint would automatically go to the upper office and ultimately notified to the Minister of Agriculture, Supply & Prices Department. Within a period of 6 months Icreativez Technologies presented the pilot test and after taking 45 more days to eliminate various concerns system was 100% live.

Services Provided

Consultancy, web design services & System Development.


Complaint Managment Information System Developed by Icreativez

Mines and Minerals Development department is responsible for various sort of transactions that are associated with lands full of mines and minerals and gem stones, approached Icreativez Technologies to provide a solution of the haphazard task of record keeping of data that spans for the period of more than 70 years.


Mines and Minerals Development Department has been operational for at least 70 years and recording all the transaction manually that has reached to above nine hundreds of lease files in approximate. Now the files for each citizen’s includes documents more than of thousand pages and it was next to impossible to find out the data not just due to heavy count of quantity but also the infirmity of documents (for half of the documents it was impossible to hold papers without it being torn apart) for further transaction. Without any proper documented summary, the receivable department was unable to generate cash flows thus resulting the loss of the whole Mines and Minerals Development Department.


Icreativez Technologies a leading IT consulting services company in Karachi, first segregated all the data in a specified order, employed a team of around fifteen individuals to scan each of the documents and align according to the segregation. The next step was assigning a particular file number. Through which data can be extracted for further activity. After creating a virtual data bank of the record, the data was presented in much more readable in a web- based online portal which enables its user to perform further activity on it and maintain it for future utilization.


As the system was live with in a period of six months, not just physical data storage cost reduced. Revenue started increasing. Due to easy access of data, proper recording was possible, Receivable department could easily dispatch the notification for continuation of leases and finally the Balance sheet of department (that was impossible due to unavailability of departments resources and assets in previous years) was made and presented to the respective auditors.

Services Provided

Consultation, Strategy Development, Record Maintenance & IT Services in .NET Development.


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