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Web TV is quite a new phenomenon but it has already taken the world by its storm. Whether developed or underdeveloped countries, due to speed of internet, more and more people, TV channels, newspapers, personalities, TV shows are moving to web TV which is also known as streaming television. It is just because more than half of the world’s population has access to smartphones with speed and having this device for 24 hours a day near their hand or eyes is the reason why advertisers, sports, films or any other source of information all are turning towards web TV. This is a regular shift from the conventional TV screens and other media because the device is quite handy, light weighted, easy to carry and affordable. It is estimated that billions of hours are being used by the web TV every day.

Therefore, their huge potential to explore this new phenomenon for new products, films, games, studies, courses, recreation and so on. One can say the use of web TV is just like the sky's the limit. So YouTube and web TV are really ruling the world, thus, all attention for the promotion of the product or entertainment, courses, lectures, music, drama or anything which is worth showing, good or bad can be shown through web TV. It is also very cost effective, hence, many amateurs, newbies and creative people are using this new technology. So now millions of people are joining this innovation which was limited to only a few thousand people a few years ago, so new kinds of creativity, ideas et cetera can be seen propagated, explored or marketed through web TV. Icreativez Technologies Leading Software Company

We are sure that with the speed of 5G and ever increasing use of smart technologies by billions of people, one can pause, stop, rewind whatever he’s watching, that too, any time by pressing the buttons.

Following are the services provided by us:

Our Approach

Smart things require smart solutions and tactics to rule over every other thing in its competition. With the introduction of smart televisions in our daily lives, the development of smart applications for televisions has increased to make our world more compact. Millions of people getting connected through television is just a mesmerizing thought and we are the ones who convert these thoughts into reality by our Television web development services. Our approach is to get your television application exceptional views and to hit the appropriate audience if you want to advertise or market your product, connect different people or to have some entertainment.

Unique TV Web Design

As being one of the most experienced smart television application developers, our team has enhanced its skills to read what the client wants. All the requirements of the clients are perused and a prototype of the application is made keeping in mind what is needed by the client. The main hub of all our work is the interest of clients. Our focal points are the content viewers, resolution, the traffic generated and platforms while prototyping the application. In order to make it unique, our team analyses the targeted audience and gather all the information and data related to their interest so that the application could be successful.

Expertise in TV Web Development

Our skillful team has been working with diverse technologies in television web development such as Apple TV, Android TV, Roku TV, Amazon Fire, Samsung Native etc. Due to working on such platforms, the expertise and competence of our team have enhanced by leaps and bounds. The mastery over TV web development provides the clients much content and relaxation as their huge investments are in the safe hands. Either it be live streaming or videos, our application supports different platforms and devices.

Quality Assurance and Testing

We are trusted not to compromise on the quality. Quality assurance is taken very seriously by us. Our team with their immense depth of knowledge makes sure that there are not any glitches or problems in the application and services. Different testing tools and techniques are used to make sure that there is no problem occurring and the viewers are enjoying the services to the fullest. In order to optimize and make the application more user friendly, different inspections are carried out. Our team ensures correct and productive testing of the application for different users, screen sizes, resolutions and extra viewership.

Perpetuation of TV Web Services

Maintenance of the application is one of the prime objectives of our team. Customer satisfaction is the first priority and for that our team always remains alert and keeps on checking the application to make sure all the features are working as desired. The application is monitored to ensure that they are running and up to date all the time. In this way the users can have a brilliant exposure to the world of television and you can enjoy the perks and benefits.

Safe and Secure Content

The content you want on your web TV application is completely protected and secured. The role of monetization of premium videos is played by safe and secure content. Sometimes the issues can be raised while viewing it through different channels but it is taken care by our professionals.

Business and Advertisement

Popularity of web TV also increases the commercial value for the advertisement. Advertisement is always necessary to create demand, resulting in growth of economy and jobs. Web TV can be related to YouTube also, as every day millions of videos equal to billions of hours are uploaded and watched by billions of people. Here our team of web development professionals provides the best experience for every customer while leaving no stone unturned for reaching every level of satisfaction. We offer a great variety of web development services which can increase your business by leaps and bounds.

Eye Catching Experience

Our teams create the most efficient and highly responsive TV websites with eye-catching features which drag the customers towards exploring them. While creating professional TV websites, we make sure to check everything noted in the checklist of requirements of our respectable clients. The environment is created in such a manner that the users could not stay sane after enjoying it to extreme.

These qualities and expertise make us the perfect choice for the provision of Web TV Development Services. The user can experience a perfect viewership and the host could increase its revenue by leaps and bounds.

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