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Cloud/Web Based Learning Management System Software in Karachi Pakistan

Learning Management System (LMS) Development Services

Today’s education also demands technology. Nobody these days wait for a certain institute to pop up in their area, so they can go take an admission. With ILearning, we have digitized learning in a way that promotes distance and real-time learning through exclusive portals, digital libraries, and lecture tubes, etc.

Since technology has taken a toll on our lives and is everywhere in our daily routine, it makes sense to transfer from the traditional way of learning to E-learning.

E-learning is a convenient way to learn from home, it saves both the lecturer and the student time as sometimes either one ends up missing or cancelling the classes due to unfortunate situations which are natural or personal. It saves both cost of classrooms and space, learning material, assignments, stationery and time as time is money and it is better to use it effectively to succeed in your goals and our Learning Management System provides just the right services for you to study online. Icreativez Technologies Leading Software Company

Our Learning Management System is one of the finest systems to cater your E-learning needs, whether you’re a student or a teacher, we provide ample services to fulfill your requirements. Most of the services we offer are; organizing your course material and learning material in one place, easy accessibility of the material anytime anywhere, stress-free tracking of the learner’s performance and progress, availability of modules online helps in saving time invested in teaching and guiding continuously, it cuts the cost of development and learning, updated and instant accessibility of content, audiovisual learning et cetera. Almost every web development company in Pakistan is involved in the LMS (Learning Management System) to improve the E-learning experience in Pakistan. Many are going towards the E-learning system instead of the traditional system of learning i.e. formal education. In order to study efficiently without having any issues regarding online learning, we make sure to keep the learning management system updated with current trends and fulfill every student’s needs.

Features of Learning Management System (LMS)

1. Instant Content Accessibility

The learners can easily find the content or lesson which can be accessed without any hassles through the mobile application which makes it available at any place. Our learning management system provides you all the relevant information and content related to your desired field at a single click distance. It will save a lot of time and will wither away the load learners have to bear in searching for appropriate content.

2. Audiovisual Learning

The lessons provided are not only written based or obtainable through files or PDFs, they are also available in multimedia form which makes it easier for the learner to listen, to understand and clear his concepts of the desired course. It aids one in imagining the correct perspective of the course and metamorphose the theoretical knowledge into practical implementation.

3. All at One Place

All of the material, course outline, content, lessons and learner material is available at one location. This feature makes it easier for both the teacher and student to find their material at one place and not search throughout the website and waste valuable time spent in searching. Another benefit of all the content stored in one place is that the learner can review it in some later time without facing any difficulties. The risk of data loss is eliminated by this feature.

4. Easy Accessibility

Through the mobile application the course content is easily available and any modification can be made in the lesson by the educator or the learner can continue his progress in the course no matter where ever they are. Just by tapping on the phone screen, you can enter into the world of diverse knowledge and helpful content.

5. Stress-free Tracking of Performance

Keeping track of thousands of students enrolled in the course can be a stressful task, however our Learning Management System is very efficient in this job. All of the learners’ progress and performances are at one place where the educator can easily track their development and evaluate them on their performances. This makes it easier for both the learners and teachers to get in contact for their performances and feedback.

6. Online Modules

The instructions available online help save a lot of time that is spent in making the instructions clear to the students. All the regulations or answers to frequent queries could be listed at a single place for the learners so that they can have a glimpse of it whenever they want to without muddling it with the instructor. The online modules can be accessed anytime whenever the learner needs to clear his confusion and queries.

7. Updated Content

The world is growing and technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. In order to catch up the pace of this fast growing world of technology, our Learning Management System provides the updated content and the old concepts could be upgraded. In this way the learners are able to keep them updated with the latest knowledge and information.

8. Reduces Expenses of Development and Learning

All of the materials available online cut the cost of printing out the material. The extra material required for the students’ facility or classrooms expenses could be saved by online studies. It saves money and is also environmentally friendly. The appropriate content could be downloaded easily instead of downloading the whole books or text. Hard copies could be obtained also. All of the material is gathered at one location in an organized manner in our learning management system.

9. Online Chat System

The students can get help from their teachers through the online chat system where the teachers can clear their queries and help them in their tasks. It improves communication level between the students and the teachers as they are able to share their material and get direct feedback on their assignments. The learners can also interact with each other and create a friendly environment which helps them to build up a social circle for their education and also for fun activities. This unique experience helps learners to bright up their futures and enhance their skills.

10. Commercialization

The advancement of e-commerce has increased businesses online. Our learning management systems can produce profits for the organizations which could be easily looked after. Students can pay online for their desired courses without any restrictions on the quantity of courses. With the increased number of students, the profits margin could be increased.

11. Peculiarity

Our learning platform also provides opportunities for the organizations to stand out differently. The system could be altered to make it look unique. The diverse features could be introduced in order to provide a great experience and facilitate the user or learner. The possibilities are endless.

The above features of our Learning Management System make it an ultimate and prime choice for the organizations looking for such systems.

E-Learning Development Company

Icreativez Technologies is leading E-Learning Development Company based in Karachi Pakistan, our E-Learning is best Online Learning solution.

Custom Elearning Development

We can design and Develop Custom Elearning System according to your requirments. Our developed custom LMS Systems are working in many organizations.

LMS Development Company

Our Our LMS System is one of the finest systems to cater your E-learning needs, it is mobile friendly solution.

Icreativez Technologies is an award-winning mobile app development company, specializes in mobile application services. Hire mobile app developers that design and develop cutting-edge mobile apps.

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