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Joined Hands with Pak Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd

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Pak Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd. is one of the leading automotive industries of Pakistan. They are one of the best automotive sectors in the country. Their business is at the top of the ladder with the production of cars of various categories.

ICreativez Technologies prides itself in the technical domain. Our team is full of professionals who make sure that every nook and cranny is working soundly. We develop professional websites according to your requirements. Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority and we assure the customers that their website is in safe hands.

Recently we signed a contract between ICreativez Technologies and the reputed Pak Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd. Our skilled team will be providing technical support services to Pak Suzuki Motor’s official website. We will be working on the technicalities of their official website and make certain that the website is up to date with the latest changes that are trending with time. ICreativez Technologies is honored to be working alongside Pak Suzuki Motor. We deliver our best in everything.

Mr. Muhammad Irfan Tariq, Head of Corporate Planning Department, Pak Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd. and Mehboob Shar, CEO(and Global SEO Consultant), Icreativez Signed the contract.  Muhammad Ashhad Khan, Sectional Head of Corporate Affairs, Corporate Planning Department, Pak Suzuki Company was also present.