Top 10 Software Houses In Islamabad

Software Houses In Islamabad

The revolution in the digital world caused a significant impact on our lives. Since the last decade, the rapid growth in IT and digital marketing has made it essential to understand how these things work. Catching up with trends while being on top rank with updated skills and services is necessary to generate more outcomes, but to do this, you need help from software houses.

Islamabad has many top-rated software houses with excellent services to help you. Their professional team, innovative ideas, and experience are enough to trust them with your business.

The top 10 classified software houses in Islamabad are listed below.

Top Rated Software Houses In Islamabad

  1. Systems Ltd

  2. Ovex Technologies

  3. Averox

  4. NETSOL technology

  5. Techuire

  6. DPL

  7. The Square Peg

  8. Devsort Services

  9. Discretelogix

  10. Emumba

Systems Limited

Systems ltd is an outstanding software house in Islamabad. Their knowledge and fame are enough to impress you. They have experience of more than two decades in the field of technology.

Systems Ltd offers a complete package of IT, including, Digital commerce, Business Applications, Cloud services, IT infrastructure, data management and Analytics, Business process and outsourcing, Application development, and more. Their main motive is to satisfy clients with their best. They have branches on three continents and many other cities in Pakistan.


Contact: +92 51 5495630

Ovex Technologies

Ovex Technologies is renowned for its outsourcing skills. They have a professional team of 670 individuals serving 24/7 to assist their clients. Ovex technologies have managed to adapt and figure out rapid solutions to the latest technologies.

Its primary skill is BPO-Business Process Outsourcing. It classifies among the top BPO solution providers. Currently, Ovex technologies run many call center projects for famous Pakistani brands. It also offers account Outsourcing, Contact Center, and IT Sourcing.


Contact: +92 42 389 00004


Averox is a hub of IT solutions. They have various cost-effective methods to top-rank your business. It is the first software house to generate a SaaS solution. Averox has significant experience working with Intec, Telenor, Siemens, Telenor, AG, DU, Telecom, and Nortel Networks.

Averox handles business management, SEO master, leads and marketing solutions, E-commerce platforms, sales CRM and other applications. It delivers the best solution for your IT issues.


Contact: 0317 333 5413

NETSOL technology

It is one of the leading software houses in Islamabad. It is well-known for its productive team and high-quality services. They have experience working with more than 200 finance and leasing companies around the globe. Also, they have branches in Calabasas, London, Sydney, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Jakarta, and Lahore.

NETSOL offers next-generation solutions for the global asset finance and leasing Industry. They have digital assets with full integration. NFS Ascent is capable of adapting changes and processes accordingly.


Contact: +92-21-3431-3464


Techuire is a high-powered software house existing in Islamabad. It carries all IT solutions with sufficient resources and applications. It is one of the trusted software houses. Their communicative team and efficient strategies deliver more than clients desire.

The services include Web design and development, 3D animation, SEO services, Youtube promotion, Digital Marketing, Branding, and Software Development. Techuire is always working on its strengths to face upcoming hurdles easily and satisfy clients.


Contact: 92-300-5034440


DPL- is a passionate software house known for its innovation as a service. DPL has a list of awards and certificates presenting its value of service. DPL gives a friendly learning environment to its workers, which is one of its success causes. It has clients from the USA, UK, Middle East, and many major companies around the globe.

DPL has popped up as one of the most talented IT companies. It offers team Augmentation, Product Engineering, MVP, Digital Transformation, IT Strategy, Custom Software Development, Web App Development, Mobile App Development, Quality AssuranceDevOps + CloudUI/UX, Software Security Services E-Commerce, IoT & Embedded Development, FinTech, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), BlockchainArtificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


Contact: 92-51-289-5321

The Square Peg

It is a very skillful, award-winning women-led software house. Square Peg has a versatile crew with an end-to-end strategy. Their authentic SEO and brand management will bring organic traffic to your brand. They are flexible and cost-effective.

Square Peg renders following services Digital Marketing, Web Development, Team Training, Media Production, and more.


Contact:+92 300 5753330

Devsort Services

A high-tech company delivers quick IT solutions. Devsort has hard-working team workers and experts in their field. Also, they have clients from Australia, the UK, the USA, and many others. Their progressive ideas always meet the client's criteria.

Devsort offers web development, Digital Marketing, SEO, Content Creation, Social Media marketing, and more. It plans to outperform in its world of technology with its brilliant visions and workers.


Contact: (051) 2722250


Discretelogix is a dynamic software house with a professional team. They have super quick mobile solutions and serve around 200 businesses. It has 16+ years of experience in the sector of IT. Their crystalline solution and high standard of service make them stand out.

Foundation & branding, products & services analysis, market analysis, operations & management plan, mobile apps development, web apps development, eCommerce Solutions, cloud solutions, quality assurance, UI/UX/design, social media marketing, SEO & sem, email marketing, affiliate/influencer marketing are provided service by discretelogix.


Contact: +92 (51) 844 3637


Emumba is an inventive software house with great plans. It assisted many small businesses and startups to competes in digital marketing. Emumba has a Responsible and Punctual team to perform the tasks.

It offers web development, Clouds and DevOps, Network Applications, and Design UX Quality assurance. Emumba chargers are fair and provide the best service.



Following up with current technology is a little troublesome if you are unaware of its algorithm and updates. Software houses serve you perfectly in this regard. Software houses in Islamabad deliver the best IT solutions. Hire now to get more outcomes with less investment.