Top 10 Software Houses In Karachi

Software Houses In Karachi

The non-stop rollercoaster of technology is less time-consuming and cost-efficient simultaneously, although catching up with current technology is becoming a need for everyone. The evolving digital system is taking hold in every sector, like business, education, banking, learning, and more.

This advancement is undoubtedly making life easy but processing it is difficult. That's why Software houses are there to work for you. Their updated solutions and methods will bring maximum profit in less time.

It continues though Karachi is the backbone of Pakistan's economic stability. It generates maximum revenue through a bundle of businesses and professions. Karachi has hundreds of software houses serving the best IT solutions. For decades these software houses have been working on various applications and platforms to serve the nation and compete with the world.

Here is the list of the best software houses in Karachi.

  1. TPS Online

  2. Systems Limited

  3. 10 Pearls

  4. Icreativez

  5. Arpatech

  6. Cubix

  7. Salsoft Technologies

  8. Netsol

  9. Elastica

  10. Viftech

TPS Online:

TPS Online is Pakistan's most extensive digital banking system holder. It established a successful E-banking system and worked with the US, UK, Australia, the Middle East, and many other countries around the globe. It has made various products and payment methods to process transactions online without any hurdles.

TPS Online 's central services and solutions include Moneta, Prepaid Cards, Internet Banking, EFT switch, Prepaid Cards, Remittance processing, API MAnagements, Mobile wallets, Virtual Cards, Bill Payments, Merchant and POS, IRIS Payments Gateway, and more.



Systems Limited:

Systems Limited is a top-notch software house in Karachi with experience of 45 plus years of experience on national and international boundaries. Systems Limited has won various awards due to its exceptional performance in the technological world.

This software house has expertise in Digital Commerce, Business Applications, Metaverse, Data Management, and Analytics, Business Process Outsourcing Cloud Services, Application Development, IT infrastructure, Application Modernization, and more. Along with this, It offers products including Partner communication, Middleware Connector, Real Analytics, Hautelogic, SysHCM, and, TrIPS.


Contact: +92 (21) 3-454-9385-87

10 Pearls:

10Pearls is a fantastic software house with an impressive performance on an international level. It is well-known for its accomplishments in the gaming industry and mobile applications. 10Pearl's significant platforms are salesforce, Sitecore, SharePoint, ServiceNow, microfocus

Currently, Handling the technologically talented workforce, 10Pearls offers software development mobility, digital marketing, devops and cloudops, data and analytics, telecommunication, Blockchain, and artificial intelligence.


Contact: +92 21 34328447-8


Icreativez is a prominent IT company working having clients in 15 countries worldwide. Its achievements in IT made it one of the most famous software houses in Karachi. Icreativez is a galaxy of IT solutions. Mainly it works on IT services, B2B marketplaces development, application development, designing, website development, ERP, CRM, SaaS unit, and more.



Arpatech is a leading software house in Karachi. It is full of brilliant teams with unlimited skills. They have significant experience and quick services. Arpatech is an award-winning software house dealing with clients around the globe. It has proved to be the best choice to work with its brilliant team.

It is also reputable for the range of services it offers, like Web design and development, Mobile app development, Devops, Startup solutions, Digital marketing, Business process outsourcing, Business intelligence, Cloud hosting, resource allocation, E-commerce, and Software development.


Contact: 021-35250742-6


Cubix is a fantastic software house with outstanding records with top-rated companies like Walmart, Politico, Sapient, and more. It has offices in other countries too. Cubix developed mobile apps like Foodly, Hectic, and Curious. It works with the following technologies: Ios, Flutter, Ionic, Swift, Kotlin, React Native, and Objective C.

Cubix mastered services are NFT game development, Mobile application, Blockchain Development, AI, Big Data, Sharepoint, MVP development, and Web development.


Contact: (021) 35185337

Salsoft Technologies:

It is a fantastic software house with multiple offices in Dubai, the US, the UK, and other countries. Salsoft technologies work with trendy planning and reliable sources. It mainly offers Digital services, IT solutions, Staff augmentation, Customer experience, printing, and packaging.


Contact: (021) 34550354


Netsol is an outstanding software house providing the best IT solutions. It is globally famous around the globe and has been working with adaptive methods for four decades. Netsol is efficient and trustworthy.

The essential products and services are NFS Ascent, NFS Digital, OTOZ, AWS, and Flex. It deals with financial development and technological development.


Contact: (021) 111 448 800


Elastica is a perfect software house with various accomplishments. It is officially based in the US, with a bunch of offices around the globe. Elastica works on data science and has expertise in cloud technology.

It also offers security applications like dropbox and more. It is the right choice to hire for detecting, investigating, and auditing. Its teamwork and time management make it stand out.



Viftech is a fast-growing IT company rendering complete best IT solutions and products serving different industries like banking, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and university management. Viftech is a resourceful software house offering the best service.

The leading technologies viftech covers are E-commerce and Web development. It has a brilliant team and innovative ideas to implement and satisfy the client's criteria.


Contact: (021) 35122741


The fact that technology is all we need to know to survive in the current digital world is undeniable. One must be aware of qualified software houses to process and consult for the best strategy and planning. These are the best software houses in Karachi, providing online and on-site services, Hire now and enjoy maximum output with minimum input.