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20 Top SEO Experts In The World in 2024 (Updated List)

Top SEO Experts In The World

If you are looking for the top SEO experts around the world, you are at the right place then, here is the list of best SEO experts in the world.

If you're looking to boost your online presence and improve your website's visibility, it's crucial to enlist the help of SEO specialists. A search engine optimization specialist or SEO expert possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to optimize your website for search engines and drive organic traffic. With a list of SEO specialists at your disposal, you can select the right professional who can analyze your website, conduct keyword research, optimize on-page elements, build quality backlinks, and implement other proven strategies to enhance your search engine rankings. By collaborating with an experienced SEO specialist, you can unlock the full potential of your online business and achieve long-term success.

search engine optimization experts are professionals who specialize in this field. They use their knowledge and expertise to help businesses improve their website traffic, leads, and sales.

Why should you hire an SEO expert?

There are many benefits to hiring an SEO expert, including:

1. Improved website traffic: SEO experts can help you increase the number of visitors to your website from search engines. This can lead to more leads, sales, and revenue.

2. Higher search engine rankings: SEO experts can help you improve your website's ranking in search engine results pages. This can make your website more visible to potential customers and increase your chances of being clicked on.

3. Increased brand awareness: SEO can help you increase brand awareness by making your website more visible in search engine results pages. This can lead to more people learning about your business and what you have to offer.

4. Competitive advantage: SEO can give you a competitive advantage over your competitors by helping you rank higher in search engine results pages. This can make it easier for potential customers to find your website and choose you over your competitors.

How to hire an seo specialist

When hiring an SEO expert, it is important to consider the following factors:

1. Experience: Choose an SEO expert with experience in your industry and with websites of similar size and complexity to your own.

2. Results: Ask the SEO expert for case studies of their previous work. This will give you an idea of the results they have achieved for other clients.

3. Transparency: Choose an SEO expert who is transparent about their pricing and process. They should be able to explain exactly what they will do for you and how they will measure success.

4. Communication: Choose an SEO expert who communicates effectively and keeps you updated on their progress.

Here are some tips for finding and hiring the right seo consultant:

Ask your network for recommendations for best search engine optimization consultants. Talk to other businesses in your industry to see who they use for SEO services.

Search online directories. There are a number of online directories that list SEO experts and agencies.

Read reviews. Once you have found a few potential SEO experts, read online reviews to see what other clients have to say about their services.

Schedule consultations. Once you have narrowed down your list of potential SEO experts, schedule consultations to learn more about their experience, approach, and pricing.

Top 10 SEO experts

1. Brian Dean

Brian Dean is top search engine optimization expert, Brian Dean has been called an "SEO genius" by Entrepreneur.com and a "brilliant entrepreneur" by Inc Magazine. Brian's award-winning blog, Backlinko.com, has been listed by Forbes as a top "blog to follow". He is an SEO expert and the founder of the Backlinko blog and YouTube channel.Brian Dean  SEO Consultant

Specialization: Blogging, Content Marketing, Off-Page SEO, SEO Trainings

Old Business: Backlinko(SEMRUSH acquired Backlinko LLC on January 13, 2022)

Current Business: Exploding Topics.

Linkedin Profile Link: Brian Dean Linkedin

YouTube Trainings Links: Brian Dean YouTube

2. Mehboob Shar

He is is recommended by Google in the list of "Top SEO Experts in the World", Among top SEO consultants, Mehboob Shar is a search engine optimization consultant, businessman, and author. He is the founder of Icreativez Technologies. Mehboob Shar is the best SEO consultant working on global projects. Many world-class/ top SEO experts don't work directly with clients or on client's websites but the surprising thing about Mehboob Shar is that he is working directly on client's projects and directly involve in and supervises each and every SEO activity, and directly communicates with clients, recently he increased 49479% traffic of his client's website. His monthly charges start from US$3,000 per month or $15,000 USD one-time cost. Whatsapp SEO Consultant

Specialization: SEO Consultancy for E-Commerce Business, Local/GMB SEO, Service Based Businesses(IT Services Businesses, Law/Legal Services, Health, Education, Banking, Insurance, Saas, Real Estate, Food/Restaurants, Hotels, Tourism, Entertainment/YouTube/Video Channels, Beauty Services, Repair Services, All Professional Services, Staffing Services) SEO, Startups SEO, ASO(app Store Optimization), Affiliate Marketing Websites SEO.

Google SERP Link: Google SERP

Current Business: Icreativez Technologies

Linkedin Profile Link: Mehboob Shar Linkedin

Available for SEO Consultancy: Yes

3. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is among top SEO consultants, he is a New York Times Bestselling author. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies. He was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama and a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 35 by the United Nations. Neil Patel  SEO

4. Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts is best seo specialist, former head of Google webspam team, Matthew Cutts is an American software engineer. Cutts is the Administrator of the United States Digital Service. He was first appointed as acting administrator, to later be confirmed as full administrator in October 2018. Matt Cutts Top SEO Consultant and Expert

5. Mandeep Singh Chahal

Mandeep Singh is one of the Top SEO person from India. He is the Founder and MD of SEO Discovery - the most reputed SEO Company that helps businesses grow all across the globe.

With 22+ years of experience and in-depth knowledge, Mandeep has established himself as a trusted expert in the Digital Marketing industry. He keeps track of all his client projects and involves himself in creating marketing strategies for his clients. His passion and extensive experience have made him a Forbes Agency Council and Expert Panel member. Mandeep Singh Chahal

6. Joost De Valk

Joost de Valk is best search engine expert, Joost de Valk is an entrepreneur and application software developer from Wijchen, Netherlands who is best known for Yoast SEO. De Valk started out as a consultant and blogger in 2004 before developing Yoast, one of the most successful plug-ins for WordPress. Joost De Valk Top SEO  Expert

“ Do you know, as per the Google guide regarding hiring SEO, Google uses the word Search Engine Optimizer for SEO specialists or search engine consultants?

7. Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan is an American technologist, best seo, journalist, and entrepreneur. He was the Chief Content Officer at Third Door Media, and co-founded Search Engine Land, an industry publication that covers news and information about search engines, and search marketing, SEO and SEM topics. Danny Sullivan best seo consultant

8. Stephan Spencer

Best seo professional in the world, Stephan Spencer is a three-time author under the O'Reilly Media brand,best seo expert in the world and search engine optimization expert, inventor, podcaster, speaker, and founder of Netconcepts. Stephan Spencer best seo expert in the world

9. Eric Enge

Eric Enge is a search engine optimization consultant, top seo specialist, businessman, author, and public speaker. He is the founder of Stone Temple Consulting. top seo specialist Eric Enge

10. Barry Schwartz

Barry Schwartz is a top seo experts in the world, blogger who writes about search engines and search engine marketing. Schwartz is the founder and currently the editor of Search Engine Roundtable, an online news site covering the search engines and search engine marketing Barry Schwartz top seo experts in the world

11. Shinoy Rajendraprasad

Shinoy Rajendraprasad is a world's emerging Search Engine expert, his core competencies include SEO, growth marketing, online marketing, and campaign management. No doubt he is World's renowned SEO professional. Shinoy

best seo specialists

Aleyda Solis, Vanessa Fox, Marie Haynes, Ann Smartly, Fili Wiese, Kevin Indig, Cindy Krum, Ian Lurie, Jason Barnard, Eli Schwartz and Annie Cushing are also among top SEO specialists in the world.

12. Aleyda Solis

Aleyda Solis is a well-known international search engine optimization consultant, speaker, and author. She is the founder of Orainti, a highly specialized, boutique SEO consultancy that helps businesses all over the world to improve their visibility, traffic, and ROI from organic search.

Aleyda Solis is widely recognized for her expertise in technical, international, and mobile apps optimization. She is a regular speaker at some of the most prestigious digital marketing conferences worldwide, such as SMX, MozCon, Pubcon, and BrightonSEO, among others.

In addition to her consulting work, Aleyda is also a prolific writer, and she has authored several books and numerous articles on SEO and digital marketing. She is also a columnist at Search Engine Land and a contributor to Forbes, where she writes about SEO, mobile marketing, and internationalization.

Indeed, Aleyda Solis is considered one of the top SEO experts in the world, and she is widely respected for her knowledge, skills, and contributions to the SEO industry.

13. Vanessa Fox

Vanessa Fox is an American entrepreneur, writer, and public speaker who is best known for her work in search engine optimization (SEO). She is the founder and CEO of Keylime Toolbox, a software company that provides analytics and insights to help businesses improve their online performance.

Vanessa Fox has been working in the field of search engine optimization since the early 2000s, and she was one of the first employees at Google, where she helped develop the Google Webmaster Central program. She later worked at Zillow, where she served as the company's first-ever Director of Product Marketing, and then went on to found her own SEO consulting firm, Nine By Blue, which was later acquired by RKG (now known as Merkle).

Vanessa Fox is also a prolific writer and has authored two books on SEO: "Marketing in the Age of Google" and "Domain Names Rewired." She is a regular speaker at conferences and events related to digital marketing, and she has been recognized as one of the top SEO experts in the world by publications such as Search Engine Land and Entrepreneur.

Indded, Vanessa Fox is a highly respected figure in the world of SEO and digital marketing, and her insights and expertise have helped countless businesses improve their online visibility and performance.

14. Marie Haynes

Marie Haynes is a well-known search engine optimization consultant and the founder of Marie Haynes Consulting Inc., a digital marketing agency based in Ottawa, Canada.

Marie Haynes has been working in the field of SEO since 2008 and has become a respected authority in the industry, especially in the areas of Google algorithm updates, penalties, and recovery. She is known for her expertise in diagnosing and resolving complex technical SEO issues and has helped many businesses recover from Google penalties and improve their organic search performance.

In addition to her consulting work, Marie Haynes is also a prolific writer and speaker, and she regularly shares her insights and expertise on SEO and digital marketing through her website, podcast, and various industry events. She is a regular contributor to publications such as Search Engine Land and Moz, and she has also authored a book called "Unnatural Links: The Complete Guide to Recovery."

Overall, Marie Haynes is highly regarded in the SEO industry for her knowledge, skills, and contributions to the field. She is a trusted advisor to many businesses seeking to improve their online performance, and her insights and expertise have helped countless businesses achieve their SEO goals.

15. Fili Wiese

Fili Wiese is a well-known SEO consultant and speaker who has been working in the SEO industry for over 20 years. He has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world and has also been a key member of the Google Search Quality team.

Fili is known for his expertise in technical SEO, international SEO, and penalty recovery. He is the founder of SEO consultancy firm SearchBrothers and regularly speaks at conferences and events around the world.

Fili is also a well-respected member of the SEO community and has contributed to various industry publications and forums. If you have any specific questions about Fili or his work, please let me know and I'll do my best to provide you with accurate information.

16. Kevin Indig

Kevin Indig is a well-known SEO expert, author, and speaker. He is currently the VP of SEO and Content at G2, a B2B software review and comparison website. Prior to that, he worked as the Head of Technical SEO at Atlassian, a leading software company, and as the Director of SEO at Dailymotion, a video sharing platform.

Kevin is a prolific writer and has contributed articles on SEO and digital marketing to publications such as Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, and Moz. He has also spoken at various conferences, including SMX, BrightonSEO, and SearchLove, and has been a guest on numerous podcasts.

In addition to his professional work, Kevin is also involved in the SEO community and is a co-founder of the SEO Meetup in San Francisco. He is known for his deep technical knowledge of SEO and his ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and concise manner.

17. Cindy Krum

Cindy Krum is a well-known digital marketing expert, speaker, and author who specializes in mobile marketing and mobile SEO. She is the founder and CEO of MobileMoxie, a mobile marketing consultancy based in Denver, Colorado.

Krum has over 20 years of experience in digital marketing and has worked with a variety of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, startups, and small businesses. She is a frequent speaker at digital marketing conferences and has written several books on mobile marketing, including "Mobile Marketing: Finding Your Customers No Matter Where They Are" and "Going Mobile: Developing Apps for Your Library Using Basic HTML Programming."

Krum is also a recognized expert in mobile search engine optimization (ASO) and has developed unique methodologies for analyzing and optimizing mobile search results. Her insights on mobile marketing and search engine optimization have been featured in publications such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Search Engine Land.

18. Ian Lurie

Ian Lurie is an internet marketer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Portent, Inc., a digital marketing agency based in Seattle, Washington. Lurie is known for his expertise in search engine ranking, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), content marketing, and social media marketing. He has written extensively on these topics and is a frequent speaker at digital marketing conferences.

Lurie is also the author of the book "Conversation Marketing: Internet Marketing Strategies" and is a regular contributor to industry publications such as Moz, Search Engine Land, and Marketing Land. He is highly respected in the digital marketing industry for his knowledge and insights, and is considered a thought leader in the field.

19. Jason Barnard

Jason Barnard is a digital marketer, speaker, author, and consultant specializing in brand SERP (Search Engine Results Page) optimization. He is the founder and CEO of Kalicube, a digital marketing agency that focuses on helping businesses improve their online visibility and reputation.

Barnard is known for his expertise in Google's Knowledge Graph, which is a knowledge base used by Google to enhance its search results with information gathered from a variety of sources. He has been recognized as a leading expert in this field and has worked with a number of high-profile clients to help them improve their presence in Google's search results.

Barnard is also a prolific speaker and has delivered keynote speeches at a number of digital marketing conferences around the world. He is the host of the podcast "Search News You Can Use," where he shares his insights and expertise on the latest developments in the world of SEO and digital marketing. He has also authored a number of articles and ebooks on these topics, including "The Brand SERP Bible," which is considered a definitive guide to brand SERP optimization.

20. Eli Schwartz

Eli Schwartz is a growth advisor and marketing consultant, specializing in global search engine optimisation and content marketing. He has worked with a number of high-profile companies, including eBay, Shutterstock, and SurveyMonkey, helping them to improve their online visibility and increase their organic traffic.

Schwartz is known for his expertise in global SEO, which involves optimizing a website's content for multiple languages and regions. He has extensive experience in this field, having worked with companies in a wide range of industries and languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and German.

In addition to his consulting work, Schwartz is a frequent speaker at digital marketing conferences and has delivered keynote speeches at events around the world. He is also the author of the book "Product-Led SEO," which is a guide to using SEO to drive growth for online businesses. Schwartz is highly respected in the digital marketing industry for his knowledge and expertise, and is considered a thought leader in the field.

21. Annie Cushing

Annie Cushing is a data analytics expert and digital marketing consultant, specializing in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. She is the founder of Annielytics, a data analytics consultancy that helps businesses make better decisions based on their data.

Cushing is known for her deep knowledge of Google Analytics, which is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. She has developed a number of tools and resources to help businesses use Google Analytics more effectively, including custom reports and dashboards.

Cushing is also an experienced speaker and trainer, and has delivered workshops and training sessions on Google Analytics and data analytics to businesses and organizations around the world. She is a regular contributor to industry publications such as Moz, Search Engine Journal, and Marketing Land, and has authored a number of ebooks and courses on data analytics and digital marketing. Cushing is highly respected in the digital marketing industry for her expertise and thought leadership.

SEO Experts FAQs

What does a SEO consultant do?

SEO Consultants offer advice and expertise to businesses to help them improve their website visibility and business growth in terms of, brand awareness, increasing revenue, increasing sales, and profitability, by improving organic rankings in search engines.

Who is the top SEO expert in the world in 2024?

When it comes to the top SEO experts, Neil Patel will always be on top of my list. Neil Patel is a legend in SEO and Content Marketing. Whether it is technical SEO, On-Page, Of-Page, or Youtube Optimization, or any other stuff related to SEO, Neil Patel is the best.

Who is a renowned SEO specialist?

Among top search engine marketers, Mehboob Shar is a renowned SEO specialist with a proven track record, he organically ranked top many websites and increased website traffic, his specialty is one and only SEO(not all types of digital marketings), he can rank any industry website.

Who is the #1 SEO consultant in the world?

Brian Dean Number one SEO consultant worldwide. Brian Dean of Backlinko is one of those dynamic SEO marketers. You will find him quoted as an expert on SEO in many publications and he offers plenty of good advice in his blog.

Who is the best SEO trainer?

Neil Patel is the best SEO trainer in the world, his YouTube channel is very famous for SEO training, almost every week he shares something about SEO.

Who is the Most Expensive SEO Consultant?

Mehboob Shar is the most expensive SEO consultant, he charges $500 USD per hour, he is very expert in SEO analysis of the website, keywords research,off-page and on-page SEO.

Who is a Google certified SEO expert?

Mehboob Shar is google certified seo expert. you can verify from here https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalgarage/validate-certificate-code by providing ID: HJY UXA F7A

Search engines are the origin of 68% of all online actions. The first page of results is never ignored by 75% of researchers. Local searches make up 46% of all Google searches. Up to 80% of users entirely disregard paid advertisements. Let's study more about SEO and how SEO experts work.

Who is an SEO expert?

An SEO specialist (sometimes referred to as an "SEO expert") is someone who optimizes websites to improve their placement in search results. An SEO specialist understands how to increase traffic from search engines. An SEO specialist optimizes each website page to ensure relevant search results and improve user experience. This increases website traffic, lead volume, and brand engagement.

How much does it cost for an SEO expert?

Firstly, you need to provide information about your company to a marketer or agency to acquire an appropriate estimate of SEO pricing. This will make it easier for an SEO marketer to estimate how much work would be needed, the kind of material needed, and the project timeline. These key aspects include, but are not limited to:
The status of your search presence at the moment
The average sales revenue
Lead to sale conversion rate
Campaign objectives vHow soon do you want to see outcomes
The distribution of the current marketing expenditure

This helps to understand why SEO pricing points can vary so widely. However, For US SEO agencies, the average hourly rate for SEO expert is $100–$250, and monthly SEO expenses frequently run from $2,500 to $10,000 per month. International SEO firms may charge between $100 and $500 per hour.

Who is the World's No 1 SEO specialist?

The world's top SEO specialist is Brian Dean.

Is it worth hiring an SEO consultant?

You indeed benefit from hiring SEO experts working on your website since they have the knowledge and experience to assist you in developing the most effective approach. Because you'll have specialists who understand how to optimize to improve your marketing, your campaign will produce more significant outcomes for your company. Although hiring an SEO expert is costly, the cost is compensated with the profit you gain from your website and sales (if it's an eCommerce website).

Who is the best search engine expert in the world?

The best SEO expert in the world is Stephan Spencer. He is a recognized expert in SEO, an internet entrepreneur, an advisor, and a professional speaker. Numerous conferences, including the American Marketing Association (AMA), Shop.org, Internet Retailer, IRCE, and PubCon, have featured him as a keynote speaker. He writes for several marketing publications and blogs, including Search Engine Land, CNET, and others. Currently, he is the host of the podcasts Marketing Speak. He Gets Yourself Optimized, both of which have been featured in the iTunes New and Noteworthy section.

Who are the top 2 SEO experts that you trust and learned from?

Making a role model or mentor is everyone's personal choice. Not everyone is comfortable with the same mentor. Someone might be the best in their job but not really good at teaching you how they perform in their career. The two SEO experts I personally admire include:
1. Brian Dean
2. Neil Patel
Brian Dean is a well-known SEO expert with a solid track record among top search engine marketers.
Another name of the top SEO trainer in the world is Neil Patel. He frequently publishes SEO-related content on his top-rated YouTube channel, which is undoubtedly a source of learning for all beginners in the SEO field.

Who is an expert in SEO?

Mehboob Shar is an SEO expert who runs his own business and writes books. He is the founder of Icreativez Technologies. He is amongst the top SEO consultant working on international projects. Mehboob Shar works directly on client projects, supervises every SEO activity, and directly communicates with clients. Recently, he increased 49479% traffic to his client's website, which is surprising considering that many top-tier SEO experts do not work directly with clients or on client websites. His monthly fees begin at US$3,000, which translates to a one-time expenditure of USD 15,000.

How do I find a good search engine optimization consultant?

A company pays a high amount for its website SEO. Therefore, finding someone who is actually worth that amount is essential. Here are the top 5 qualities that you should look for in an SEO expert:
1. Experience in the SEO field
2. Understanding of SEO levels
3. Proven track record of success in the SEO field
4. Marketing Savvy
5. Passion for Execution
Any SEO expert with their qualities is the best fit for your company and website.

Who is a Google Search optimization expert?

Mehboob Shar is Google Certified SEO expert.He is among top search engine optimizers worldwide.

How much does an search engine specialist earn?

An SEO Specialist makes, on average, $50,000 per year, whereas an SEO Manager makes, on average, roughly $63,000 per year. SEO Directors often make between $70,000 and $120,000 per year, and SEO Team Managers and Campaign Managers make between $50,000 and $100,000 per year.

What do SEO consultants do?

A search engine optimizer, often known as an SEO specialist is an expert who evaluates, tests, and makes relevant changes on the websites to make them more search engine friendly. As a result of this, the websites are ranked higher in the search results of popular search engines like Google and Bing.

How long does it take to become an search engine optimization specialist?

To become an SEO expert, you must master advanced SEO concepts, which might take anywhere from 6 to 18 months. You can easily do this if you seek expert guidance and regularly educate yourself.

How to find a good Search Engine expert?

A business spends a lot of money on SEO for its website. Finding someone who is genuinely worth that sum is, therefore, essential. The top 5 characteristics to look for in an SEO professional are as follows:
Experience with SEO
Knowledge of SEO levels
A successful track record in the realm of SEO
Smart with marketing
Drive for Results
Any SEO specialist who possesses these traits is a good fit for your business and website.

How much is the Seo industry worth?

With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.1%, the market for agencies' SEO services is anticipated to increase from $65 billion in 2021 to $51.25 billion in 2022. This is just an estimation based on facts and figures. However, the actual worth can be higher or lower than the mentioned.

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