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Freelance Web Designers and Risks

Whenever a new business is born, along with it come countless responsibilities. From finding investors to setting up marketing expertise and most importantly having a professional, glitch free website where customers can see your business and help it grow.

Unfortunately many whizzy brains who come up with fantastic ideas every year cannot afford to have professional web designing companies’ services. At this point these newbies go towards freelancers. Now it is not fair to say that freelancers are lazy, fraudulent single-handed workers, some of them do provide remarkable excellent work. But there is a vast difference between the professionalism of a company’s services and a freelancer’s.

Since freelancing is an ever-growing industry and abundantly talented freelancers are available to do your bidding, it seems logical to go there for web design at cheaper rates. As freelancers are working from various diverse countries the differences in rates is astonishing. You can get your work done at the cheapest rate of your currency but can you rely on your freelancer’s capabilities to make your website unique and pro?

Now that is a question which is hard to answer. Like everything else in this world, there are good things and bad things. If you get hold of the wrong end of the stick then you’re in big trouble. Be that as it may, what you can do is a comprehensive exploration and invest in a better place which will save you a copious amount. You won’t have to shed a single hair and your money’s worth will be guaranteed.

Unfortunately, in a growing industry like freelancing there are many risks attached with it. You may never know if your website is going downhill and climbing up till you get the final result.

Here are some disadvantages of hiring a freelance web designer which could put you in great strain.

Technical Glitches

After a critical search you have finally found The Freelancer to design your website. After getting the results you find the website fantastic. The design is unique, the layout looks pro, it is neat and clean, functioning beautifully. However as the initial stage of amazement wears off and your website’s traffic starts kicking in, you start noticing some glitches, or faults. The website is not secure and the customers are facing difficulty in contacting you and many more issues are coming up. With your website crashing your business could crash too and anyone could hack it and collect valuable data. If you’ve worked with your hired freelancer you would be aware of everything done to design your website but if you don’t know then you can most probably say goodbye to it. You won’t be able to check the glitches and correct them yourself. So it’s best to stay on the safe side and invest in a reliable company.

Deceptive Profiles

Freelancing sites keep filtering out low quality freelancers and try to highlight only professionals to you. But all that glitter is not gold. Most freelancers are actually faking it with their glossy profiles. You read every profile and each sounds as promising as its concoction. You get duped and hire the most outstanding freelancer thinking you’ve hit the jackpot.

Their amazing portfolio, overflowing with skills and high knowledge make you feel like they are The One. However these freelancers have copied things in their profiles from different places and compiled it together in an attractive manner but they lack experience and class.

In other scenarios, the freelancer’s profile is used as a secondary profile for a cheap company with amateurs doing the job– your hired freelancer is fooling you by having your website created by others. This results in a low quality web design which is full of problems.

To make sure that the person you’re hiring is not a conman you can conduct an interview through video call or a person meeting. If the freelancer jumps at the opportunity then you’re good to go but those who make excuses are best being dropped.


Most of the time freelancers work for different clients simultaneously. Because of this they have more work on their plate than they can digest. This leads to rushed work, poor performance, miscommunication and confusions.

Before hiring the freelancer it is better to ask them beforehand whether they could invest in the project without any other distractions in the way. If they are able to work with you and give your project the required time then you can be guaranteed of proper work being delivered.

Additional Services.

While designing a web, every tool is needed and sometimes freelancers don’t have those tools. For that they charge you extra for adding free stock photos. This will drain your wallet as quickly as water drained from the sink. They will not only charge you extra on tools that were not agreed on but will also not tell you till the last minute making you frustrated with the growing expanses. They may offer a low price at first but then the cents keep adding up with every extra service. What seemed appealing may turn unpleasant in no time.

Sudden Withdrawal

Freelancers who work for multiple clients or firms can get overwhelmed with the burden they have lunged on their backs. They will take up your project and will be contacting you at different times showing lack of commitment. Later on as the burden gets heavier they suddenly withdraw. In most cases, freelancers quit and tell the clients directly that they cannot complete their projects which leaves you with a half-completed project and you cannot put it in use. But some freelancers, especially those who lack professionalism will desert you out of nowhere and not even inform you. After a few days of no sign of contact you will eventually have to look for another freelancer to complete the job.


To make an accomplished website, it is much better to invest in a reliable, trustworthy website designing agency which will provide you a professional website designed by the best designers. It may be expensive but it will save you from heaps of troubles that may come by hiring an inexperienced freelancer. Such websites will make sure your website is up to the mark and functions soundly. They will not only provide you a transparent view of the process but also let you know what they are doing.