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Top Ten Web Design Techniques to Turn Visitors into Customers!

Do you want to increase website traffic free and convert visitors into customers? The quality website traffic that converts into sales. Here in the article, we are sharing the Techniques for targeted website traffic or real human website traffic. Very fruitful article if you want to increase website daily traffic or google website traffic converting into sale/customers.

Creating a website that attracts visitors enough to become your customers is tricky. Sometimes you have the content, you have the services but your website is not up to the mark. Therefore, you end up losing customers. However, your traffic is generating well but that is not enough for your business to flourish. Customers are the key to success here.

Your website’s design is the analytical factor that determines the conversion of visitors into customers. So making your website as creative and user friendly as possible is necessary. An unappealing website will only make visitors jump to the competitors.

It can be challenging to find a proper design and make your website’s content creative too. To draw your visitor’s attention and pull them towards your services is a complex task most new websites fail to do.

As the use of smartphones has become increasingly common, users have become more impatient and cannot wait for the site to keep loading. Hence they go to another site and you lose customers. To improve your customer status, investing wisely in order to improve the business’s online visibility is important.

Regardless of what your business domain is, the main factor is attracting customers and driving sales. Most of the time businesses have good traffic generation but not enough customers. However, every problem has a solution. Contacting a professional web development and designing company can make your business reach great heights. You can relax and let the company’s professionals do their magic.

Here are top ten web design techniques to turn your visitors into customers!

1. Go Simple Not Overboard

An uncluttered, simple design will not only display the essential elements but will also not overwhelm the user by so many options displayed all at once. Make your design clean and not overdo with the designing techniques. Lower the gradients and other effects like shadows or remove them completely so the main fundamentals will not go overlooked. This will not only leave a lot of space for an action calling tactic but will also increase conversions. Visitors will no longer remain visitors but they will be customers instead!

2. Speedy Loading

A website that loads slower than normal can cause great hindrances at expanding your business. You will lose your customer even before the site has loaded. Mainly customers do not wait or they decide to not come back to your site again due to this issue. You can find excellent free tools to diagnose this problem and get back to work. Also be sure that your site has a comfortable layout which does not frighten customers to click exit. Your website must be cozy and natural so the consumer will feel relaxed.

3. No Compromise on Picture Quality

If you are using images to beautify your website and make it look more appealing, do not compromise on the picture quality. Do not go for anything tacky. You have to run a business and for that everything must be of highest quality. Beautiful images attract users, so pick out pictures that are more alluring. There are many sites for free stock photos from where you can get amazing images.

4. Lessen the Clicks

Many websites have oodles of pop-ups. Wherever the user clicks, there are pop-ups for promotions, subscriptions or countless ads. Lessen those amounts of clicks as they will frustrate the user and it will become strenuous to collect information. This will not only create a bad image of your website having many pop-ups but will also lead to emptying out the cart. It is better to avoid pop-ups which distract the users from their main goal.

5. Have Fun with Colors

Choose colors that compliment your brand. Discover the wide range of colors on the palette and splatter them on the canvas. Use colors that will go in sync with your business. Colors make a website look more interesting instead of mundane and plain. Don’t go for loud, flashy colors, choose those which blend well with the entire look. This will make your visitor be fascinated and eager to explore your site more.

6. Creative Typography

Be bold. Isn’t that what’s told to people nowadays? Same goes for your website. The big and bold style has been trending since long in the web designing arena. It has never gone out of style and is still considered a great technique to pull customers. The advantage of using a bold font is the most basic thing: makes reading easier. Hence grabs your visitors to click further to discover more.

7. Make it Easy for Mobile Audience

It is true that most of the traffic generated is done by users who use phones. For a small screen it can be annoying when the website isn’t being properly displayed. The contents are either all over the whole screen or many of the essential elements get pushed back. Ensure your site is automatically responsive to any screen and be adjusted accordingly. But if you are not sure about it, check with Google’s mobile-friendly test that will help you see whether your site is adapting to other screens.

8. White Space

Now what is a white space? A white space is the space between the lines of texts, paragraphs and letters. Use it wisely to deliver your website’s content effectively. Proper use of white space reduces the strain on the user’s eyes and makes content easier to comprehend. White space molds a user’s experience and professionals take advantage of this while creating the website’s design. Minimalist is an amazing tactic for designers working on content. Carefully collected elements have more impact on the user’s personal views of the site.

9. Know Your Viewers

Understand user behavior and expectation by using A/B testing and monitoring content. After you’ve understood what your viewers expect from your site, you can create a design that will bring positive feedback. Target your audience’s needs and wants and your business will shoot up the skies.

10. Navigation

Never neglect your navigation feature. Navigating your visitors to contact you or search for helplines should be made easy for every user. Navigating your visitors towards the services your business provides is the key step to converting them into customers. If they can easily navigate the help chat box or contact you, your business will succeed effortlessly.