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Real-time Support: Subsidized Tractor Balloting Scheme

Every year, the Government on Sindh helps the Agricultural Department to give the farmers and growers payment per tractor. Due to a big amount of applications submitted the department works its system with lotteries. The software developed for the lottery system is made by the Bank of Sindh who also run the software.

Website support services after web development

However, such duties must be transparent and for that the department makes sure that the names taken out from the lottery are uploaded within seconds.

Since ICreativez Technologies has developed their official website, we keep in check that all the names being selected from the lottery are uploaded within seconds in order to avoid any errors.

On the request of the Agriculture department, Government of Sindh, ICreativez Technologies along with Sindh Bank team, provided real-time support in Subsidized Tractor Balloting Scheme.