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Discovering Talent: Habib University Career Connect

Habib University is a private institute of Liberal Arts. It was established in 2010 by the Habib University Foundation and funded by the House of Habib. This university excels in providing excellent education to its pupils.

The students go on to become the leaders of the new generation. They enter in vast scope fields such as media, film making and various categories of different fields. Habib University takes great care in building professional leaders to lead the youth. They polish their students’ capabilities so they outshine in the practical world.

Habib University gave an official invitation to ICreativez Technologies to participate in their CAREER CONNECT event at their university. ICreativez team conducted interviews of more than 30 fresh highly polished, capable graduates.

To bring the youth in the world of professionalism, it is necessary to select the best and give them opportunities to unleash their skills. CEO of Icreativez Mehboob Shar was also present in Career Connect.