International SEO Consultant: Mehboob Shar

Is ready to help you to get your share from the $65 billion SEO Industry.

There are thousands of SEO specialists but why you are here? Because being the world's top SEO consultant we know how to optimize and top rank the website. SEO is the most brutally competitive industry on the planet, if we can compete most competitive industry to rank top of our website then we can easily rank your website in your industry. Mehboob Shar

Website is your 24/7 digital presence, why not convert it into 24/7 non-stop marketing for your brand and products/services using SEO. Many other conventional or digital marketing channels are push marketing( forcibly showing your ads to people without their intentions) but fortunately, SEO is pull marketing, it means people come to you via searching their needs on Google (and other search engines) and they could be easily your customers and clients if you are top ranking in Google (and other search engines).

The SEO industry is worth more than $65 billion, are you getting your share of sales from it? if not, we are here to help you out to receive unbelievably orders and sales via your simple website.

If you're thinking about hiring a search engine optimization professional, the earlier the better. A great time to hire is when you're considering a site redesign, or planning to launch a new site. That way, you and your SEO can ensure that your site is designed to be search engine-friendly from the bottom up. However, a good SEO can also help improve an existing site. Google

In business websites, high traffic and top ranking of the website is useless if your sale is not increased at least 100%, 200%, or 500%. Mehboob Shar: International SEO Professional

Why You Should Be Careful Before Hiring A Search Engine Optimizer?

According to Google "Deciding to hire an SEO expert is a big decision that can potentially improve your site and save time, but you can also risk damage to your site and reputation. Make sure to research the potential advantages as well as the damage that an irresponsible SEO person can do to your site"

Mehboob Shar: The Global Search Engine Optimizer

Thousands of people reached us yet for SEO services, most people demanding two things that are not realistic.
1. They have a very low budget for SEO, although search engine optimization is the best source of generating revenue compared to other marketing channels. Your budget must be a minimum of $1000 USD/month if you want an international SEO expert to work on your project.
2. Their demand is quick results within few weeks or few months, but SEO is a long-term investment as its results and revenue are 10 times more than other marketing and advertising channels. seo consultant

Never hire a person or agency who claims or promises to rank you within weeks or 2/3 months, they may use black hat techniques to quickly rank your website on top but very soon your website will be under the penalty of Google and other search engines and will be removed from search results.

If your intention is not revenue or earning from Google ranking but being a celebrity you want your reputation management, ranking your personal name and reputation for fame, I am here to help you out, if anyone just types your name in Google, a very rich and structured data about your personality will be there in search results.

search engine optimization consultant

Google never discloses around 200 factors of ranking, it is the job of a very experienced ranking expert to analyze your website, competition in your industry and makes a strategy accordingly to give you success.

Neither I claim that I am a certified expert nor I am saying that I am Forbes featured digital marketer, but I know how to rank a website for your industry targeted audience for easy conversion from website visitor to paying customer.Proof of my expertise is, I am top ranking globally, what else you can expect from a top SEO expert?

technical seo consultant

I learned the hard way that there’s a lot more to SEO than a few list of activities of on-page, off-page, and technical.

Mehboob quickly made a name for himself by providing the most profitable SEO Services.

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Website optimization for search engines is cost-effective. Competitive industries can spend large amounts of money on paid website traffic. Of course, you can still purchase ad space like Google ads, but if you want high revenue in a $1000 USD/month budget then SEO is a great way to drive qualified traffic to your site without directly paying for it.

The best quality of Mehboob is, he involves himself as a leader in every SEO project and he never takes more than 20 projects at the same time.

international seo consultant

SEO is important because it ensures that typical visitors don’t have to search for more than a few seconds to find the information about services or products they want. It establishes a sort of NATURAL ORDER online that would be missing without it.

SEO Consultant FAQS

What Is An SEO Consultant?

An expert on search engine optimization and is paid by businesses and business website owners to give them advice on how to get higher rankings, more targeted traffic, and ultimately more revenue and profits for their business through websites ranking in Google and other search engines.

What does an SEO Consultant do?

The search engine optimization consultant JD, or SEO specialists scope of work, is to analyze, review, improve websites visibility in search engines to get maximum business website traffic( the relevant traffic that can be easily converted into sales), qualified business leads, and higher search engine ranking positions, SEO experts or consultants use different ways( according to their knowledge and experience because Google did not discloses ranking factors) to achieve their above-mentioned job done. There are three major responsibilities of consultants are 1. on-page, 2. off-page, 3. technical

Best 5 SEO Tools used by international SEO Specialists?

There are many tools used by search engine optimization Specialists, These are the top 5 tools used by international SEO Specialists 1. UberSuggests, 2. Ahref, 3. Alexa, 4. SemRush, 5. Moz

What are SEO consulting services?

Agency or team of SEO experts, providing services to rank your website top in search engines, ranking in your industry, or products/services you provide is a must for converting visitors of the website into paying customers.

How to choose the best SEO Consultant?

There are several qualities that you'll find in the best SEO expert. When you’re comparing SEO experts, it’s critical for your team to think about these features because search engine optimization is a long-term strategy. First of all check his/her own ranking in his industry, if he/she is ranking top in the search engine optimization industry then he/she can rank you easily.

Why choose Mehboob Shar for your website SEO services?

If you're searching for a world-class SEO specialist that knows how to drive results, Mehboob Shar fills your search criteria. He has been providing outstanding SEO consultancy services to international clients. Plus, he has a dedicated web development, copywriting, and outreach team to provide a complete SEO package.

How much amount charge Mehboob if he works on my website himself?

It depends on the scope of the project, normally his charges start from $1000 USD per month.

List of Free Google SEO Tools ?

What Is An SEO Specialist and Why Do I Need an SEO?

An SEO Specialist plays a vital role in your business growth, increase your sale, many businesses grew 5 times more only because they focused on SEO marketing, hiring the world's best SEO expert can help take your sales to new heights. Many small businesses became corporate and enterprise-level businesses only because of investing in SEO.
Here is the detailed answer to Do you need an SEO? by Google

What is the difference between push marketing and pull marketing?

Push Marketing: forcibly showing your ads to people without their intent( never they asked for this)

Pull Marketing: people come to you via searching their needs on Google and other search engines. Pull marketing is more effective and ROI is 10 times higher than Push marketing.

What are the types of Pull Marketing?

What are the types of Push Marketing?