10 Top Social Media Content Creators in 2024

social media content creators

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1. James Charles

For beauty-related content, be sure to check out the Instagram account of James Charles who’s regarded as one of the top beauty influencers on social media. Similarly to other creators, it all started for him on YouTube where he shared makeup tutorials. About a year after he started his YouTube channel, he celebrated another major milestone in his career when he became the first male brand ambassador.

2. Olivier Wong

Oliver Wong is a photographer and content creator who’s currently based in Paris, France. He specializes in travel, landscape, and urban photography and tries to document his travels by means of his photos. His fine eye for detail and perspective has caught the eye of a number of leading brands in the travel, fashion, and tech industries and he has collaborated with a number of leading brands including.

3. Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy’s online career started on Vine where she shared short comedic videos. When Vine closed down, she turned to YouTube where she had huge success (she even interviewed Barack Obama on her YouTube channel). YouTube might have played a huge role in launching a career as an actress and TV host, but at the time of writing this article her audience on Instagram where she has nearly 20 million followers is even bigger.

4. Zach King

If you like the type of content that Kevin Parry posts, you should also check out Zach King’s Instagram account, an illusionist and digital creator. While he is one of the biggest social media stars on TikTok, he has also managed to create a huge following on Instagram where he has nearly 25 million followers. ."

5. Kevin Parry

Kevin Parry is a Toronto-based video creator and stop-motion animator with about 1.3 million Instagram followers. His Instagram Reels is a great example of how you can use informational content to grow your following. While his goal is to promote and sell his animation skills, it’s not at the expense of his viewers and has no issue to share his skills and secrets with his followers. For example, in one of his how-to videos, he reveals how he created one of his previous videos in which he turned himself into red balloons. And, it’s not just red balloons that he can turn into.

6. Julian Bass

Julian Bass is a viral visual effects star who has caught the attention of the likes of the executive chairman of Disney and Hollywood actors like Matthew Cherry, Casey Neistat, and Zach Braff. In addition to sharing funny videos with impressive visual effects, he also shares editing tutorials. Most recently he has also landed a new Facebook show, Behind the Screens, that will take a look at visual effects and filmmaking. This new show is part of an initiative by Instagram that’s funding productions from some of the biggest TikTok names such as Michael Le.

7. Hermon and Heroda

In addition to running a very successful Instagram, they also have their own blog, Being Her, which they started in 2016. Here they share their passion for fashion, travel, beauty, lifestyle, and diversity. Hermon and Heroda are two identical twins with a hearing disability who have taken to social media to help create better representation for and more awareness about the deaf community (and black women). In an interview with Vogue, they’ve shared that being black and deaf is a “double struggle”. That said, they add that to them the problem is not being black and deaf, but the perception that it should be an issue.

8. Nikkie de Jager

Apart from her millions of followers on YouTube and Instagram, Nikkie’s work has also caught the attention of a number of beauty brands. After collaborating with names like Maybelline, OFRA Cosmetics, and even Lady Gaga, she also launched her own range in partnership with Beauty Bay.

9. Negin Mirsalehi

A few years ago she actually turned down a six-figure offer for a brand ambassadorship with one of the leading haircare brands because she planned to start her own brand. And the risk paid off. Not only has her brand Gisou generated millions in sales, but she’s also been featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 list. In addition to her own line that’s available at Sephora, she also generates a pretty sum for her Instagram content. According to Forbes, she makes about $20,000 per sponsored Instagram post.

10. Julie

She’s equally busy on Instagram where she has shared more than 7,600 posts already. And, on top of that, she has her own clothing line and works as an influencer for some of the leading international fashion brands. She, for example, started a collaboration with Billabong which turned out to be one of the biggest and most successful partnerships in the brand’s history. Julie is another fashion blogger who’s enjoying huge success on Instagram. On her blog, Sincerely Jules, that she launched more than 10 years ago she posts about her outfits, travels, and favorite products. She also shares beauty tips and tricks, like how to pull off tie dye and what to wear to a museum. So, you don’t need to be an influencer to find her blog posts valuable.