10 Top SEO Experts in Kerala in 2024

 seo experts in kerala

1. Jijo Joseph

Jijo Joseph, who is located in Kochi, Kerala, is a Full-Time SEO Expert and Co-Founder of ClearMyCourse and AJ Learning Space. He mainly focuses on how to make income and increase brands' visibility online while assisting in the launch of businesses like those in the IT industry. Jijo Joseph, a well-known and respected SEO specialist in India, not only provides his SEO services in Kerala but has also collaborated closely with several international firms from a variety of genres. This independent SEO specialist in India also mentors new, bright minds with the goal of ensuring the highest quality services in this particular field, supporting the industry of which he is a member.

All of his 2021 SEO tactics start with a Technical & On-Page SEO analysis, which is backed up by acquiring high-quality backlinks via deliberate link-building techniques. Along with a number of other efficient SEO strategies, such as technical off-page SEO optimizations and on-page optimization strategies. He uses the greatest SEO tools available on the market to improve organic traffic, which eventually results in more leads and more sales for his clients.

2. Kiran P.

In Kerala, Kiran P is a well-known SEO expert. a well-known, highly-skilled, and reputable professional SEO expert from Kerala who, in addition to providing SEO services, also trains other companies as an SEO advisor. With further certifications from SEM Rush and Hub Spot, Kiran is the top SEO Consultant in Kannur. He is also a Google-certified SEO Expert. Professional SEO expert Kiran specializes in SEO and web development.  He is dedicated to offering all kinds of websites with high-quality SEO services. His SEO services enable clients to thoroughly evaluate the project, maintaining high levels of client satisfaction. His skill speaks for him because he has more than two years of experience. By using him as an SEO consultant, you may increase the number of potential customers that visit your website. He has held positions with Clear My Course, One Team Solution, and Wireframes Digital, three of the top SEO agencies in Mumbai.

3. Muhammad Halid

In Kochi, Kerala, Muhammad Halid is a well-known SEO expert. He is constantly available to advise websites on how to boost traffic and sales in his capacity as a Professional SEO Expert in Kerala. As an SEO Expert, Kiran assists websites in achieving both short- and long-term SEO performance, as well as enhanced website traffic and conversions (SEO). He also promises outcomes for Paid Search Marketing and Social Media Marketing (SMM) (SEM) He provides website design and development assistance for individuals, big and small businesses, and notably startups, as well as assistance with original content.

4. Amitha Mohan

In Kottayam, Kerala, Amitha Mohan is a qualified SEO expert by Google and Hub spot. She has been providing clients with search engine optimization services for a year. She has had experience with SEO for more than a year. She has assisted small to medium-sized enterprises all throughout Kerala. as a full-time SEO expert in Kerala, she has worked with the Best SEO companies in Kerala. She has helped a lot of businesses by boosting website traffic and revenue. Like other SEO specialists, she works to get the websites to the top of search results pages, which eventually brings in more qualified clients. These customers are consistently astonished by the website designs when they view them. Her clients will benefit from the greatest possible use of the website thanks to her search engine optimization services. She develops effective on-page and off-page SEO strategies.

5. Salaam Muhammad

He is a professional SEO Expert in Kerala with a reputation for bringing quality visitors to any website. He has assisted several small, medium, and big businesses in Kerala build their customer base and enter new markets by carefully putting their websites at the top of search results. He is quite skilled at creating next-generation SEO tactics that benefit his clients' growth. In addition, he has a variety of customers from the industrial and service industries as well as from other nations. Because of the technique that sent their websites to the top of search results, all of the clients are satisfied with their Google rankings. He helps several businesses by offering their internal staff extremely effective SEO strategies. As a full-time SEO specialist in Kerala, he is devoted to his work in every aspect.

6. Ram Kumar H.

Ram Kumar H is a well-known and enthusiastic SEO expert in Kerala. He helps with web development, Google Ads, search engine marketing, and social media marketing. He enjoys spending hours and days assisting his clients in building and increasing the traffic to their websites. He has aided his clients in quickly reaching potential consumers as an SEO expert in Kerala. This has aided many of his clients in growing their companies to the next level and generating more revenue. As a responsible SEO Expert in Kerala, he is helping clients' businesses succeed by using result-driven digital methods like SEO, SEM, SMM, and others to increase the number of relevant visitors to their websites by making them search engine friendly. As a result, the brand gains credibility and recognition from the general population.

7. Vineeth Mungath

He is a full-fledged SEO specialist headquartered in Kerala in order to ensure that his clients do not experience any inconvenience from commuting back and forth to obtain necessary services. Along with him, he has a small group of website designers and content writers. As a result, he provides complete SEO services in Kerala. He does a thorough technical examination of any website and makes suggestions for modifications. He begins by thoroughly examining the webpage. Links, text-to-code ratio, page load time, content kind, etc. These are a few examples, He offers more remedial actions. He extracts the most advantageous keywords for his clients' being more precise they target the most cutting-edge equipment. He also knows how to define tags, create internal links, and write title tags and Meta descriptions that are search engine friendly.

8. Sarith Udhaya

He is a Keralan SEO specialist who works out of Calicut. He is a renowned SEO professional with Google accreditation. He has collaborated with several other businesses to promote their websites. He works with the highest moral standards and presents websites such that they are consistently at the top of search engine results pages. With more than 5 years of expertise, he is committed to delivering outcomes. The sole reason people in Kerala pick him to work as their SEO expert is that he is passionate about implementing new strategies. This not only makes his customers happy but also sets him apart from other SEO professionals.

9. Anulekha Sujin

Top SEO specialist in Kerala, Anulekha Sujin offers clients the finest tactics based on their demands. She holds a Google certification in SEO. She handles on-page and off-page SEO works expertly and offers all services related to website development. She is currently working as an SEO expert intern at Info Park’s prestigious One Team Solutions.

10. Nandu Surendran

Nandu Surendran is a well-known SEO specialist in Kerala, India who has made a name for himself in the SEO sector by assisting companies and organizations to rank their websites and produce more leads at the most reasonable price. He has worked in a variety of industries, including education, building, real estate, travel and tourism, healthcare, marketing, advertising, courier, beauty salon, and the food business, for more than three years.