9 Top SEO Experts in Malaysia in 2022

seo experts in malaysia

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1. Azmi Dzaki

Azmi is listed on the first page for "pakar seo Malaysia," "seo specialist Malaysia," and other related terms. He is known for hundreds of keywords which are ranked on the top page for different categories. (In both English and Malay) languages. Moreover, he has 10+ years of expertise in the field of search engine optimization. Azmi is also certified by the Google analytics with having a hands on experience in handling Google ads, Bing ads, Facebook and istagram ads.

2. Eric lau

Leading local Malaysian SEO expert Eric Lau has more than 20 years of expertise in the field. More than 300 websites have ranked first on Google thanks to his SEO services. He fully comprehends how to boost organic traffic, conversions, and company growth. His knowledge of local SEO, Google SEO rankings, and SEO other services will undoubtedly assist keywords to outrank rivals. He has assisted more than 300 customers in a variety of sectors to rank more than 5,000 keywords on the first page of Google as a prominent and innovative SEO consultant in Malaysia.

3. Hang

His exhaustive SEO audit aims to identify current problems and easy-to-reach opportunities. His marketing for SEO Services is built on this. He believes that With a preliminary examination of the business, there are several opportunities to properly optimize the website. Hang has served 100+ clients till now and guarantees a 90% success rate to his clients. He works hard to offer SEO services to companies all across Malaysia as one of the greatest SEO professionals in Malaysia. He is creating a website with SEO-optimized, marketing-focused, and marketing content at Win Makers Marketing. He refers to this website as an SEO marketing website that may provide the solution and address the issue for several clients.

4. Naven Pillai

He is one of the Malaysian SEOs who concentrate on increasing sales for regional companies. Through open SEO services, he has throughout the years assisted Malaysian businesses in expanding their internet presence. He works hard to provide a top-notch experience and outcomes as an SEO consultant in Malaysia, with an eye on the long term. Working with him gives you access to the same techniques and tactics he used to develop his own websites. He thinks that every SEO effort is unique. Every company has the ability to put the best SEO tactics into practice and succeed.

5. Chris NG

Chris is an SEO expert who delivers his SEO services in Malaysia and Singapore. By having an experience of 2 years he has a good understanding of the best SEO practices. Chris has worked for many companies and is to have a data-driven and analytical mindset. Moreover, he has experience working with SEO tools including Google search console.

6. Reuben chang

Reuben is currently residing is Malaysia and is working as an SEO expert. He has more than 3 years of experience in the field of search engine optimization. Reuben is very passionate about his work and believes that satisfying the customers is the most important factor after becoming an SEO. Moreover, he has the best on-page and off-page techniques to cater to his clients. He has worked with many different companies which have brought him among the top SEO consultants in Malaysia. In addition, he knows all the right tools for making a website rank at the top of the Google search list. Reuben has completed his education in business management and is creating his own website so that the world can know about his skills. He always assures his clients of the success they want.

7. Lai may leng

She holds a search engine marketing competence certification from the search engine school and is a certified SEO practitioner from Malaysia. She is one of the less than 200 qualified persons in Malaysia. Lai May Leng is among the top three people in South East Asia after passing the advanced SEO test with a score of 100 percent. The way she works and the outcomes she produces speak for itself when it comes to her objective, which is to enhance sales by diverting people to websites.

8. Harul Hassan

Harul is working as an SEO specialist in Malaysia from home. He has been actively learning SEO tactics for eight years and is currently working to become a master of them. He thinks that using SEO tactics requires a lot of work since they are always changing and a lot of work has to be done to get them visible in search results. He has demonstrated that he is an accomplished SEO who can rank highly for two broken keywords. He has a Google certification. He has discovered that in order for a website to rank highly in search engines, the content on each page must be at least a thousand words long.

9. Kin Leng

He has assisted firms in the US, Singapore, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia among others since he became an SEO strategist in 2019. Kin has completed his bachelor’s in computer science from the University of Tunku. He concentrates on: Site assessment, analysis, and competitive SEO research; general SEO strategy, and advice. No guest posting or backlinking tactics are used in any of his work because they are typically seen as grey hat tactics and go against Google‘s policies. Google might eventually punish you, which would damage the effectiveness of the website.