SEO Case Studies

We have surprised our clients by giving them an awesome higher ranking and the best traffic do you want to be the next? seo case studies

Many SEO agencies and experts don't show their portfolio and their successful delivered projects and case studies, sometimes there are right because many SEO clients saying that make our data confidential due to different reasons, but I have at least three case studies you can not imagine the percentage of traffic increased in 6 months, in 2 years, and in 3 years for all three projects. Can I give you a surprise, yes their traffic increased 756%, 49479%, and 1716%, can you imagine? yes here are details of all SEO case studies one by one.

Ecommerce SEO Case Study 2: Clothing Brand, Ranked Nationwide/Countrywide

This is a very interesting case study, the "Director Operations" of clothing brands reached to us( note: she also came to us via organic search :-) ) for some other services but she was inspired by our search engine optimization services so she offered us her clothing brand website to rank it top nationwide, as it was her new experience she was looking a bit frustrated in starting few months that there are no results, no traffic, we just told her that cool down and lets us complete the six months as agreed, suddenly she called us and was very happy that customers are coming on her website and contacting/ordering clothes. Now she is planning to engage us to rank her website whole in the Middle East. Website traffic increase 756% in only 6 months, website domain was just a few years old. Sharing three screenshots one by one, 1. The percentage of traffic increases in the graph, 2. Her( client's) review/feedback about us. 3. The live data screenshot from Google analytics.

seo case study six months results chart


Just ignore the spelling mistake she did in the company name, we just want to put as it is the screenshot from our Google reviews, you can verify it from your end by checking "icreativez reviews", or even you can reach her via her website :-)

seo five star reviews

"My experience with Icreatives(Icreativez) was very good, I found them through google searches, I tried 3 more website companies in Karachi and Saudi before reaching them, and truly speaking not a single company I found had this kind of professional responsive and attention to detail attitude for a small company website. they actually build the site and did the SEO exactly the way I wanted and had not got from any other previous companies. Alhamdulillah, I am a very happy satisfied customer. Huma Khan, Director Operations, Kaswa Collections.

Google analytics

After getting permission from the client, we are sharing here the screenshot of Google analytics.

seo case study six months results

SEO Case Study 2: IT Services and Digital Agency

We think the competition in this industry has more than any other industry, as they are not outsourcing their services to anyone but they have in-house their own team for SEO, you can compete in any other industry but competing in this industry is tougher, this was a big challenge in a b2b (business to business) industry, where only business could be your clients, not individuals and only businesses will be searching you in Google. But we did it within three years we increased the traffic 1716%, this was a really big achievement.

seo case studies portfolio icreativez chart

Google analytics

Google Analytics graph is showing that 39,000 unique businesses came to them and 95% of the source is organic traffic. What an opportunity, you are not going to businesses for publicity of your products and services but businesses are coming to you by searching their needs by searching solutions of their problems on Google, if you can utilize this asset then you can earn millions, and yes this company earn millions and website traffic, sales as well as earning is continue and increasing day by day.

seo portfolio icreativez

SEO Portfolio or SEO Case Study 3: Ranking of Marketplace Portal

Fortunately, this client also reached us via our search engine optimization skills :-), no referral, nothing else they reached us just from Google organic search. They told us their story and the purpose of their developed marketplace, Mehboob Shar( our CEO and recognized SEO consultant) was involved in this project himself. The purpose of marketpalce is to connect sellers and buyers of bikes( all types of bikes) and parts of bikes. the SEO results were unbelievable within just two years, 49479% traffic increased and top-ranking nowadays if you are interested in trying keywords yourself to check it, just email us, we will share the list of keywords to check.

seo case study chart

Google analytics

seo case study google analytics

Why Sharing SEO Case Studies Are Important?

Although you are very expert and you have a lot of experience in the search engine optimization field but still client who is coming to you first will hesitate that either you/your agency can do that or not, search engine optimization case studies are proven track record and showing your success history in the ranking of websites.