10 Top SEO Experts in Singapore in 2024

seo experts in singapore

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A1. Mehboob Shar

Mehboob is world's top SEO consultant and CEO of Icreativez! world's top Digital Marketing Agency. Whatsapp

1. Tom Koh

Tom graduated from the National University of Singapore with a bachelor& lsquo;s degree in computational science (NUS). Tom Koh, is a top SEO specialist with more than 20 years of marketing experience, additionally, he has more than 10 years of expertise in SEO-focused digital marketing. He also works as a consultant for Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb in New York, a $30 billion fund that advises the Sequoia Group on investments in Acrobat (Google), Amazon, and Berkshire Hathaway. Tom chose Media One since it appeared to be the leading expert on SEO in Singapore. Tom works as a consultant for several multinational corporations, including SingTel, ST Electronics, Maybank, The Hourglass, CapitaLand, Hotel InterContinental, and many more.

2. Wayne Quek

He is in charge of a company& lsquo;s search engine marketing division, which serves customers including SingTel, Gold bell, Stratus, IBC Asia, and the Economic Development Board of Singapore. In his more than ten years in the media industry, Wayne has had significant positions with Global Yellow Pages, Webnatics, MDIS, and Black Spartans. Wayne has complete knowledge of all the SEO operations, he is one of the top SEO experts in Singapore. Moreover, working with different companies he knows how to handle the work peacefully.

3. Michael Leong

Successful SEO expert Michael Leong works in Singapore. In addition to assisting companies with search engine optimization, Michael was able to raise the ranking of his digital marketing firm. Michael has been working with businesses to assist them to make their digital experiences more consumer-friendly for the twenty-first century. He now ranks among the top SEO experts in the nation thanks to the outcomes. As an SEO specialist, he collaborates with several corporate departments, including sales, customer service, web development, analytics, IT, marketing, and more.

4. Jack Zeng

Jack has been with Clickr Media for more than five years and has helped the company become a prominent provider of digital marketing services in Singapore. He assists with planning, carrying it out, comprehending the data, and success-oriented website optimization. Being an SEO expert he knows how to explain the terminologies and why certain adjustments are required, how they will improve the website and the bottom line of the business.

5. Lily Chia

After serving as the senior officer of the Singapore Economic Development Board, she previously worked as the senior manager of BizArts Creative. Lily Chia has established herself as a capable SEO advisor. She is a strong leader who can guide a group of marketers and digital experts toward the success of the companies. She knows how to write clearly and concisely while creating content focused on users‘ internet. Moreover, she is known to adjust to Google algorithms.

6. Sherwin Seow

Using SEO and social media marketing techniques, Sherwin Seow has been assisting businesses in Singapore in attracting targeted customers and traffic. Sherwin assists companies in ascending the search engine food chain through his organization and creates tactical plans to assist in maintaining their position in rankings. He presently holds the position of business development manager at Lins Advertising & Marketing Ltd. and director of sales at Clickworkz.

7. Wynn Zhou

The founder and CEO of Digital M is Wynn Zhou. Wynn has been assisting many companies to raise their SEO ranking for more than ten years. This was done in an effort to boost their website& lsquo;s visibility on Google and other search engines. The competing search keywords "SEO packages," "Top SEO Agency," "Cheap SEO Singapore," and "Digital Marketing Agency" have all been ranked by Wynn to provide Digital M with a good position. Moreover, he provides strong job security to his clients.

8. Leonard Tan

In Singapore, Leonard is a popular SEO consultant. In order to launch Purple Click Media, he resigned from his formal position at Yahoo in 2006 when he was making a five-figure salary. He has received honors for the way he approaches digital marketing and SEO. This has made his company one of those that are popular in the Asia-Pacific area. Leonard has given many training sessions regarding SEO tools. In addition, he knows how to use all the SEO tools for obtaining productivity.

9. Namitha krishnegowdha

She provides other related internet marketing services in addition to local SEO services. Every brand or website needs the aforementioned services, according to Namithaa Krishnegowda, to maintain their top ranking for an extended period of time. Her flowchart of funnels, which aids small, medium, and big enterprises in achieving their goals, is updated on a regular basis. Additionally, Namithaa is a Startup Friendly Certified SEO Expert that will collaborate with you to produce the ideal outcome for your business. Additionally, her strong SEO services may successfully protect your website from threats and penalties brought on by frequent adjustments to search results. Namithaa Krishnegowda rates websites for clients all around the world using SEO tactics that are 100% white hat. She primarily supervises customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, New Zealand, and India.

10. Joei

Joei is a skilled SEO consultant in Singapore who uses efficient, long-lasting white-hat SEO methods. He collaborates with a small group of sharp individuals with a range of technical and creative skills to properly optimize the onsite and offsite web properties of his clients. He collaborates closely with his clients to achieve the desired outcome—top search engine rankings for keywords that are important to their company.