10 Top Experinced Facebook Marketing Experts in 2024

facebook marketing experts

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1. Alexander Skibibnskiy

We couldn’t write this article without including our Chief Marketing Manager and Founder, Alexander Skibibnskiy! Having begun his career managing a family eCommerce business, his talent in digital marketing developed the site from 0 to 27 return on ad spend (ROAS). As a result of his paid and organic marketing strategies, the site now has over two million visitors a year!

2. Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer began his business in 2011 writing blogs about social media marketing. He describes himself as an ‘accidental marketer’ whose interest in the topic led him to success. He’s now recognized as one of the top social media marketers by the Social Media Examiner. Jon’s business has evolved and he now provides a training program for those who want to master Facebook analysis, strategy, and measurement themselves. His Power Hitters Club is popular with agencies, consultants, entrepreneurs, and marketers. .

3. Tim Burd

Co-founder of Agency Y, Tim Burd is an entrepreneur that currently operates the largest Facebook Advertiser community in the world. He hosts mastermind workshops and retreats for businesses looking to boost their return on Facebook ads.

4. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk began his career in digital marketing in the late 90’s by transforming his father’s liquor store into a hugely successful e-commerce platform. The business sales revenue grew from three to 60 Million USD in only five years.

5. Mari Smith

Mari Smith began a partnership with Facebook in 2015 after being identified as a leader in marketing on their platform. Forbes has championed her as a top 10 social media influencer, and with 1.7 million followers her influence is growing by the day.

6. Rick Mulready

He knows all the complex topics like Facebook ads, automation and funnels very well. In fact, he teaches these topics in such a way that business and individual can understand much faster.His “FB ADvantage” and “FB ADmanage” programme are considered some of the best programmes on Facebook marketing. His no 1 goal is to help businesses to generate leads, income and exposure through Facebook. And to do this he teaches killer Facebook ads strategy that gives flawless results.

7. Diego Davilla

If your answer to the above question is yes, then Diego Davilla is the person who will teach you to do it. He is the most sorted person who can teach you how to create optimized Facebook pages and groups. And how you can monetize your page and group strategically.He is someone who knows all the Facebook marketing techniques that give outstanding results. He also knows the secret sauce of increasing likes on posts and views on videos.

8. Kimberly Reynolds

Kimberly Reynolds is a female Facebook marketing expert who has been helping companies to expand their reach using Facebook as a tool. Her forte lies in a Facebook advertisement through which she helps her clients to get maximum visibility and profitability.Kimberly has also helped left behind’s Facebook fan page to grow from 2000 followers to 1.4 million fans.All her strategies and techniques are cost-effective. Hence, any business firm irrespective of its size and budget can apply her techniques and avail the benefits.

9. Keith Krance

Keith Krance is the founder and CEO of dominant web media. Dominate web media is a Facebook ad agency that assists businesses in scaling their marketing efforts and increase their reach. He is also the author of a best-selling book on Facebook i.e. The ultimate guide to the Facebook advertisement.He is specialized in creating award-winning Facebook ads and retargeting campaign that delivers exceptional results.

10. Jody Milward

I know she creates a wonderful Facebook campaign, but on top of that, she provides cost-effective strategies that help brands to get maximum output at minimum cost. She is one of the few Facebook experts who actually know to create a perfect sales funnel. Her created sales funnel delivers the maximum conversion rate than anyone else’s. In the last few years, she has helped her clients to generate 7 figure income through her Facebook sales funnel.She also keeps herself abreast of all the changes happening in the domain of Facebook marketing. This puts her ahead of all her competitors and other experts.