10 Top SEO Experts in Delhi in 2024

seo experts in delhi

1. Prempal Singh.

Prempal Singh is recognized as the top SEO specialist in India for providing excellent SEO services and advice for many industry verticals. In order to create realistic optimization tactics that produce results that are driven by ROI, he maintains a continual awareness of the dynamic elements of the always-changing SEO and search-engine algorithm. He also has over 7 years of work experience in this field with the execution of many SEO campaigns all over India. He has mastered it. He is an expert in Google's White Hat SEO techniques and tends to follow any new algorithms or rules that are introduced. To achieve successful results from SEO services, he employs moral and legitimate SEO techniques. His whole SEO strategy is in compliance with the rules set forth by the search engines.

2. Sunil Chaudhry.

Sunil Chaudhary is India's top SEO expert. His SEO services are offered globally. He distinguishes himself from other SEO experts because of his passion. He takes ownership of the task and gives it his all. The Best SEO Expert Guru in India is Sunil Chaudhary. An Indian SEO company is called JustBaazaar. Clients worldwide are served by us. Any initiatives he has undertaken thus far are going fantastic. His dedication to providing quality SEO services is approximately 99.99%. He founded JustBaazaar, the top SEO firm in the industry. Many businesses rank Sunil as one of the top digital marketers.

3. Jeewan Garg.

The best organic SEO Services are offered by JeewanGarg, a renowned SEO professional in Delhi, India. Without investing a lot of money, our India-based Search Engine Optimization specialist helps you achieve the most organic traffic possible. He has had 400+ happy clients until now. Moreover, he has been certified by Google for his work as an SEO developer. All the work done by jeewan is always having 100 % transparency in results. Jeewan also delivers high ROI SEO services based on data.

4. Aditya Khanna.

He is a performance SEO consultant and specialist in Delhi. He is also a Co-Founder and Director for SEO Practice at Justgoweb Digital, a digital marketing firm situated in Delhi NCR (Noida).He is working as an SEO expert for 10 years. He is adamant that SEO is a science, engineering, or technology that advances with time. To ensure that the website consistently outperforms the competition, he adheres to the best SEO tactics. He distinguishes himself from other SEO specialists, businesses, and agencies thanks to his significant expertise and understanding.

5. Sandeep Mehta.

In Delhi, Sandeep Mehta is a well-known SEO expert. He has worked with several clients that come from a variety of backgrounds and sectors. He has more than five years of experience in the SEO industry. His website is ranked first on the internet as well. He provides complete openness in all of his efforts as an SEO. He has a complete understanding of on-page and off-page SEO factors. Being an SEO expert he has full command over bringing quality traffic to a website. With a complete understanding of customers, he is able to attract them ranking the websites on top of every other.

6. Romil Tripathi.

In Delhi, India, Romil Tripathi is the Top & Best SEO Consultant, Expert. He is delivering the best ROI-focused services. Moreover, he is also certified by Google. In order to give company owners counsel, direction, and suggestions that are based on extensive knowledge of how to examine and evaluate websites and all inbound connections, he has a thorough grasp of how to do so. He is able to improve search engine rankings. In Delhi, he offers the best SEO services. Romil Tripathi is an 11+ year veteran in system engine optimization and a professional SEO specialist in Delhi.

7. Jagdish Prajapat.

Based in Delhi, Jagdish Prajapat is ranked among the top 5 SEO specialists in India. Additionally, he has extensive expertise, and the outcomes of his diligent labor are assured. One of the main benefits of employing Jagdish in Delhi is that you won't have to spend additional money on sponsored advertisements on Google and social media while still receiving outstanding results. His main responsibility as a Local SEO Expert is to research the niche's rivals and see how and where they are ranking. He may rank any website on Google after obtaining search engine optimization, at this point traffic to the portal begins to increase.

8. Varghese Manickathan.

Varghese is an SEO Professional headquartered in Delhi who provides SEO Services globally. He is certified by Google and offers Google Ads (Pay per Click - PPC) Services as well. He is employed as an SEO Specialist in Delhi and specializes in local SEO services because he has a love for search engine optimization. He provides search engine optimization services across a variety of markets and works hard to give his customers the best SEO support possible at a price they can afford. By using authorized SEO Strategies, he provides enhanced search engine exposure and traffic within the allotted time frame. His objective as an SEO expert in Delhi is to better search engine exposure at a reasonable cost. The outcomes I provide for my clients have been the foundation of my success and reputation as the finest SEO Expert in Delhi.

9. Vivek Sharma.

He is one of the top SEO specialists in Delhi, with expertise in both search and native SEO. With a wealth of expertise in this area, he assists his customers in achieving their goals and advancing their businesses. He also has a comprehensive understanding of several social networks and top search engines. This enables him to refine and optimize the ads that provide results while discovering the next strong customer acquisition channels for customers' websites. As one of the top SEO specialists in India, my goal is to increase a brand's success through new opportunities, cross-channel coordination, and deep comprehension of the target consumers.

10. Akshay G.

Akshay is an SEO expert having 3 years of work experience in the field. He is fully passionate about his work and has worked for many firms in his entire career. He can manage all the traffic on the websites and is fully committed to providing results on time. He has all the basic knowledge regarding how to work as an SEO expert. He is also certified by Google and is categorized among the top SEO experts in Delhi.