10 Top SEO Experts in Sydney in 2024

seo experts in sydney

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A1. Mehboob Shar

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1. Prakash Humagain

In Sydney, Prakash Humagain is the best SEO expert. With SEO, he has assisted hundreds of businesses in becoming competitive leaders—and keeping them there. You should read anything he writes if you& lsquo;re serious about expanding your business online. Search engine optimization (SEO), in Prakash& lsquo;s opinion, is a technological, analytical, and creative technique for enhancing a website& lsquo;s presence in search engines. Moreover, he is an expert in link building and citation. With having an experience of two years Prakash is devoted towards his work and proves to be the best among most other SEO specialists.

2. Blake Smith

Australian SEO consultant Blake Smith assists companies all around Australia in increasing their online visibility and profitability. Blake is a very skilled online marketer who uses unconventional thinking. Blake& lsquo;s expertise in SEO and online marketing brought in thousands of dollars for his clients. Moreover, he can handle Google penalties effectively. Blake has an experience of 3 years and has worked with many companies in Australia. He is currently residing in Sydney and is working on many SEO projects.

3. Liam Ridings

In 2017, Liam Ridings worked as a copywriter. Up until that point, he offered SEO-focused content marketing services that were intended to continue adding value to clients& lsquo; businesses for years after they had paid their last bill. By 2018, he was collaborating with customers on comprehensive SEO strategies that included technical, off-site, and on-site factors, which is essentially everything a website needs to rank in Google. By the end of 2018, he was working with small to large firms on end-to-end SEO solutions that would eventually boost their bottom line. He had abandoned composing and providing content marketing services. Currently, he is working in Sydney for many companies and is known for his competitive SEO techniques. Having 5 years of experience Liam has a lot of clients who willingly accept his services.

4. Greg Davids

He works with regional service providers that cater to their regional markets from his base in Sydney. His SEO strategies focus on Conversion Optimization strategies in addition to delivering top Google rankings. More members of your target audience will visit the website thanks to this combination, and more of them will be likely to take the required action while there. His SEO tactics are designed to expand the company by bringing in new clients and sales income.

5. Brent Arlen

Being a Professional SEO Consultant-Analyst-Strategist, he offers expert SEO advice, SEO analysis, and plans SEO marketing strategies based on White Hat SEO on & off page optimization methods to optimize websites. This enables websites to rank for keywords or search queries associated with their industry or particular niche and gains organic traffic from Google, Bing, and Yahoo and from other search engines along with other resources that help in generation of quality SEO leads and good conversation ratio. His approach towards the search engine optimization makes him an expert in the field.

6. Kevin Tuan Nguyen

Kevin has expertise leading large-scale company transformation initiatives as a technology consultant. Having worked with technology strategy and implementation across many businesses for more than 4 years. Kevin has mastered the project management, process analysis, systems design, software development and implementation, change management, and sourcing abilities necessary to deliver .technological implementations successfully.

7. Gagandeep

Gagandeep has completed his bachelor’s degree from a reputable university in Punjab India. He has 12 years of experience in the field of IT. Gagandeep lives in Sydney Australia and is currently working as an SEO specialist, he has served more than 100 clients now and has made them happy with his work. Moreover, his competent skills have allowed many people to move toward him. He also provides consultancy regarding search engine optimization. Moreover, he has given many seminars on search engine optimization at different forums.

8. Lucas V

Lucas is working as an SEO specialist from Sydney, Australia. He has served more than 1500 clients and carries 8-year of experience. He is also the CEO of many SEO firms in Australia. He has worked with many different types of firms, including council districts, adult-only businesses, e-commerce retailers, service-based businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, celebrity profiles, and many more. He works on all the perimeters of search engine optimization including the on-page and off-page strategies.

9. Kelly M

Kelly has completed his bachelor’s in business administration from the University of Sydney. He has more than 3 years of experience in search engine optimization. He can develop a bespoke marketing plan that benefits the customers. Putting your interests first and concentrating on attaining the objectives you have in mind for your online presence His team of professionals has a list of clientele that can attest to his professionalism and ability. He has an experience of 2 years and is currently working from Sydney, Australia. He is a fully motivated individual having full expertise in search engine optimization.

10. Jake B

Co-founding member of a company in Lisbon, Portugal, is Jake Bourne. After spending more than ten years working in the fields of advertising, technology, and data, he teamed up with one of Australia& lsquo;s top creatives to create an agency that is comprehensive and built to handle any issue from beginning to end. He has increased from 2 to 15 in only one year, and his clientele is also expanding quickly. He is really intrigued by complex issues, including anything from branding to website design. He works more than 30 hours a week and is really committed to his work. Having enough experience he always tries to work with the best companies so that his work is seen worldwide. Jake has been working as a freelancer which allows him to deliver the best of his knowledge regarding search engine optimization. He has worked with more than 500 clients until now and all of his clients are happy with his work. While graduating he was a top student at his university and his academic profile sets him apart from many others. People always consider his work and appreciate him.