9 Top SEO Experts in Kolkata in 2024

seo experts in kolkata

1. Aayush bucha

He works as an SEO consultant in Kolkata and specializes in both organic and local SEO. He offers Kolkata, India‘s best SEO services. His results speak for themselves because he has invested a lot of time, effort, and knowledge into this specific area of search engine optimization. He makes sure the website is ranked highly. He can comprehend Google‘s policies and guidelines and how crucial it is for the website to be rated as trustworthy, practical, and most importantly reliable. Google frequently changes the algorithms it uses. It is always coming up with new ideas to streamline the procedure. He is aware of these upgrades and constantly keeps himself up to date on the trends and developments because he is a skilled SEO in Kolkata. He always makes sure that the website complies with all of these standards as a seasoned SEO.

2. Rintu Biswas

He is an SEO expert in Kolkata. He has constructed websites from scratch and gone through the entire process of attaining the greatest rank possible throughout the previous several years of working as an SEO expert in Kolkata. He is providing proven SEO results. He is an expert in bringing qualitative traffic to a website rather than quantitative only. He has power and can take advantage of the SERP rankings to succeed in affiliate programs, which is the major factor in why customers can find him quickly. He also offers blogging courses and white hat SEO training in Kolkata.

3. Sumanta H

A specialist in search engine optimization for sites like Google or Amazon. She is familiar with a variety of software tools that focus on keyword research. She has a piece of complete knowledge of how to advertise on Google, Bing, and social media. Moreover, she has a group of people and with them, she works to her full potential. Her goal is to satisfy her clients in every possible way. No matter what the circumstances are she is dedicated to her work and this is the reason why she is categorized among the top SEO experts in Kolkata.

4. Md A

He is an SEO that is in the TOP 10% in Kolkata and has a wealth of experience creating excellent websites. Moreover, he is fully aware on how to create automotive websites the majority of his skills span from creating scalable sites for any sector to creating responsive mobile sites that function effectively across browsers. He enjoys working on projects with a team that is dedicated to designing aesthetically pleasing and helpful interfaces. He always searches for long-term projects because he believes it is crucial to develop lasting ties with his clients.

5. Krishna

Krishna is a trained search engine optimization specialist from Kolkata. She claims of having clients with websites that have a solid track record in the field of internet marketing. She considers on-page optimization to be a crucial first step in the SEO process for websites. For each type of website, she offers comprehensive internet marketing and website promotion services. Additionally, she makes sure that the website is completely visible online. Additionally, she employs ethical SEO techniques and tactics to raise the website‘s ranks. Additionally, it enhances website traffic. She has the ability to elevate the website to the top of several search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. She has risen to the top among many SEO specialists thanks to her suggestions for creative and cutting-edge technology. With more than 10 years of expertise, she is a very diligent person that consistently outperforms the competition for her clients.

6. Manoj maity

Manoj Maity is a Kolkata-based SEO professional who has been employed by several companies as a search engine optimizer since 2016. He received his SEO education from SEO Veterans, a reputable school. On the SEO case study page, you can view the majority of his work. Due to his systematic and goal-oriented SEO efforts, every company where he worked experienced significant commercial development. His goal is to increase traffic to customers‘ websites as an SEO expert in Kolkata, not just to the websites themselves.

7. Nirupam Chakraborty

With three years of expertise in the SEO industry, nirupam is an SEO specialist. He can offer terms that are certain to appear on Google‘s initial search list because he is an SEO expert. Additionally, he has the ability to optimize websites for search engines. Additionally, he may add content to the website with high-quality links to help it rank on the first page of Google search results. He is also adept at tracking a web page‘s location continuously. He specializes at recovering Google penalties. PPC advertising via viral marketing Increasing your Alexa ranking CRO services for online reputation management.

8. Kumar

He manages company websites, backups, security, designing, and internet marketing as part of his responsibilities as an SEO specialist. He is responsible for Webmaster. His primary responsibility is to oversee the operation of the company‘s website, servers, and SEO efforts. He now works with customers from the United States, Australia, France, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. He is capable of handling any inquiries regarding e-commerce, Amazon product listing services, or website maintenance. He is a self-assured SEO expert with a lot of expertise.

9. Sanjiv Barnwal

He is a leading SEO specialist in Kolkata and has helped several companies rank well on Google‘s first page. He often works one-on-one with other businesses or companies to control their internet market. He has experience working as an SEO advisor in Kolkata. He has a great deal of experience in digital marketing in Kolkata, and because he first started getting employed as a Freelance SEO specialist that people found on search engines, he also quickly learned how to operate as an SEO. He enhanced several business strategies by utilizing various SEO approaches so that their company may expand online. He can undoubtedly contribute to the development of flourishing business growth each year.