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Top 10 SEO Experts In Pakistan in 2024(updated list)

Top 10 SEO Experts In Pakistan

lets celebrate, Our CEO featured in Top SEO experts in the World Google SERP and Icreativez featured in Top Digital Marketing Agencies in The World Google SERP.

Are you looking for the top seo experts in pakistan? Here is the list of best SEO specialists in pakistan. Hire Google certified SEO consultant to boost your website rankings.

1. Salman Baig

Top SEO expert in pakistan, and a Pakistani SEO who is currently working as a head of SEO(South Aisa) at Alibaaba Group

2. Mehboob Shar

Mehboob Shar, a Pakistani SEO expert, became very popular in the global SEO industry. A big name in the global SEO industry, he is specializes in organic rankings, keyword research, image optimization, on-page, off-page, and technical search engine optimization.

Mehboob Shar is the CEO and Founder of Icreativez, top SEO expert in Pakistan and a leader in the field of search engine optimization(SEO) tools, resources and community. Even if you are looking for a global SEO consultant instead of a local/national SEO expert then Mehboob Shar is also among the best search engine optimizers globally. linkedIn Profile top seo expert in Pakistan

3. M Tanveer Nandla

M Tanveer Nandla, is a star in the SEO industry in Pakistan, he is a public speaker, digital marketer and among the best motivational speakers in Pakistan. He is teaching digital marketing skills to the youth of Pakistan.

4. Usman Latif

the best SEO expert in Pakistan, Usman is a Marcom Technologist and he hacks growth for businesses with a mix of marketing, communication, and user experience (UX) strategies. He has a vast experience of helping small and big organizations in their digital marketing, locally and international, and training a lot of people in traditional education environment, corporate SMEs and to an online audience with a video course. He is the founder of Marcom Works, Digital Marketing Pakistan, and Digital Academy. He is been teaching Digital Marketing at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore for 3 years. He is also a Digital Marketing Consultant and Trainer at USAID SMEA and Subject Matter Expert for SEO at DigiSkills.pk. He is is the Co-Lead of Google Business Group (GBG) Lahore, an official Google community for businesses, where he has a mandate to help businesses grow with training and skills in Google technologies like Ads, Analytics, SEO and others.

5. Muhammad Rameez Ul Haq

SEO specialist in pakistan, Leading SEO Trainer with International Experience
One of the reasons why we have so few people taking SEO as their career pathway is the lack of learning opportunities. With no formal educational structure for the field, newbies are left with few options to kick-start their careers in the digital marketing industry. As a leading SEO/Digital marketing expert in Pakistan, I frequently conduct detailed and complete SEO courses across the country that are meant to help students learn the trade with a practical approach. I have conducted various international workshops and seminars over the field and I bring my international experience to help our youngsters make a head-start in the field.

6. Umer Anees

Umer Anees is a reliable and experienced Digital Marketer and SEO Expert in Pakistan. We provide high-end Search Engine Optimization, Web design and SMM services in Lahore that will permit you to fiercely compete in the modern specialized niche. Advertising is all about grasping the devotion of the correct audience and inspiring their consciousness with creative and innovative vibes. Umer Anees pride in creating memorable, exclusive and inspirational artistry for all clients. We promise to max out those achievement barriers to guarantee your brand is a respected champion online.

7. Usman Saeed

Usman Saeed is leading SEO expert based in Pakistan

8. Azhar Iqbal

Specialized in SEO, Digital Marketing, E-Marketing, Web Analytics, Email Marketing, Google, Yahoo, Msn etc. I am having a blast in my current role as a digital media, e-marketing, SEO, SEM, web design, development, and deployment expert. We specialize in bringing ideas to life for our clients. If you are looking for a fantastic team to work with on your project, consider hiring my team.


If you want an experienced Search Engine Optimization expert in Lahore rather than an SEO company, please do not forget to get in touch. ARSLAN RAUF providing SEO services all across the world including Lahore to other cities of Pakistan.

10. Sohail Zafar

Emerging seo experts, from Jhang Phunjab, he has been working in this profession for over 5+ years. His Skills and expertise are in on-page, off-page, technical SEO.

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