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Video Animation Services Agency in Karachi Pakistan

Video Animation Services

Icreativez is a leading video production company for video production services. Either you are looking for a corporate video, product video, or explainer video company, we are the best quality video animation services agency. We are also a video editing company and providing video editing services. Being a corporate video production company we can produce the best quality videos for your corporate needs. We are also leading video marketing services.

None of us can claim that we are not attracted to beautiful things. The aesthetic sceneries that are full of colors amaze us. Our eyes are always pulled towards vibrant entities. In the same way, the content can become boring if it is dull. To eliminate the dullness from the content, the concept of video animation was introduced.

The world of communication has entirely changed after the introduction of video animation. A message can be communicated through many means but the most effective one nowadays is certainly video animation. It attracts more people than simple words or icons. If you are about to launch your product or services, the best way is to do it through animated videos. It has more viewership and the ability to attract people towards it. It can explain your product with beauty in depth without taking a lot of time. But it requires one thing, the creativity, and expertise of the one who does animation.

Icreativez, with its team of highly skilled experts, provides digital animation services, video animation services, product animation services, and much more to make your content lively and colorful that directly puts a positive impact on your business and sales. We make sure to fill up the videos with aesthetic animations, melodious tunes, and enticing visuals with appealing content to make your brand stand out different from others.

How We Do It

We have a unique way to carry out your work. We understand the trust our clients put in us. We make sure that everything from the start till the very end is without any mistakes. Our experts work diligently to provide high-quality videos that engulf clarity and refined content. Here are the four steps we take to provide the masterpiece. Video Animation Service in Pakistan

Listen to you

We work according to the wants and desires of the clients. We listen to our clients about their requirements. We sit with them and have a conversation where discussion is done. When the clients share their ideas, we help if they are lacking anything. We assist them to make their idea more appealing.

Make Concepts

Once we are done with the clients' ideas, we try to fix those ideas within our concepts of animation. We look out for every possible combination that could help us in fitting the idea of a client into brilliant concepts. In this way, the client’s idea and our concept mingle up with each other to dazzle the viewers.

Draft and Revision

Here comes the most important part. Our team turns the ideas into videos. We check for the best combinations of colors, themes, visuals, and audio with content to put up a mesmerizing video. We get it checked and quality is assured. If any revision is required, we do it to avoid any mishaps.

Final Product

This is the final stage where we provide you the masterpiece to bless your eyes. It is the final video that will be played on every platform where the client has planned to.

Video Animation Services

We provide a variety of video animation services to make sure your brand comes into the spotlight.

Explainer Videos

Words sometimes are not enough to explain a concept or deliver information effectively. Therefore, the use of visual animations comes in action where information is shown in addition to explaining which assists the audience to know your brand and preserve information.

Using too many words can turn the experience dull and the audience won’t keep waiting for long. With the help of explainer videos, tricky and perplexing concepts are made easy to understand to a common man.

Product Promotions

Promoting a product through video animation is always more interesting than watching it being demonstrated by a sales rep. Product promotion videos display your products in a creative light which engagingly highlights all their features. These videos will not only lessen the time consumption but also catch the attention of your desired audience.

We build animations to bring amazing features, integrations, functionalities, main differentiators and build logos for a grander market position and branding.

Whiteboard Animations

Whiteboards, usually seen in class and conference meetings. But who knew they could be digitalized and used for online meetings and classes? Whiteboard animations have interesting illustrations making the video more exciting to watch. This animation possesses a strong power of narration and presenting art at the same time. These videos are a great way to explain educational guides, tell linear stories, and also tutorial videos.

Connect and engage with your desired audience by animating your thoughts and material so you can convey them easily and effectively.


Add vigor and liveliness in your event advertisements by using infographics in animated videos. This will make your event ad, sponsorship, and all the information about the event look more robust.

Social Media Videos

Animated social media videos are the hottest videos that make the audience stop and watch your brand’s short clip. Make a few seconds short clip or a one or two-minute-long video, show teasers of your next launch, or advertise your product like a fun film. Watch the magic of social media videos stopping your audience from scrolling and watch your videos.

3D and Hybrid Videos

These days, 2-D vector images have stepped down and allowed 3-D and hybrid videos to take the lead. In the new era, 3-D and hybrid video technology help your brand to step up on the game of reaching new heights of hypermedia intricacy. Our highly skilled team of motion graphics is professionally qualified in creating state-of-the-art 3-D and hybrid video technologies.

Live animations or hybrid videos support your product, emphasize your brand, and add extra layers of promoting and marketing your brand. Other than that, you can turn your brand into an animated world and showcase your brand’s concepts which raises your marketing level by leaps and bounds.

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