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Software Quality Assurance Services Company in  Pakistan

Software Quality Assurance Services

Icreativez is a leading software testing company and provides high quality QA services worldwide. Either you are looking for web app testing services or mobile app testing services, hire QA team of icreativez certified experts. Being among top software testing companies we are available for QA outsourcing/software testing outsourcing services. We are also specialized in android app testing services and load testing services. Whatsapp

Either you're looking for QA consulting services or outsourced software testing, we are the best quality testing services providers as an award-winning QA company.

Information technology is a complex term for all those companies which aren’t exactly tech-savvy and are venturing into the area due to it being a need of the time. Even for those companies that have to do with it, IT isn’t exactly a piece of cake. We offer you to sit around a table with us and walk across all the solutions that can be executed to employ the best techniques for your business or product.

We have an exceptional team of consultants that understand your requirements and consult you with the best solutions applicable. Software Quality Assurance Company in Pakistan

Quality matters the most in every aspect of life. In the virtual world, where everything is intangible, quality assurance plays a vital role in determining the functionality of software. If there are glitches and errors found in software after its release phase then it could cause a lot of hassle and trouble for the people using it. It will be deteriorating for the user interaction and also for the investment you have made for the software for your business or any other work.

Without quality assurance, initiating any software officially is a gamble one shouldn’t bet on. Therefore, any software that is going to be operated must be checked thoroughly for its productive and secure use. We provide top-notch Software Quality Assurance Services by going beyond the scenarios, finding and fixing the faults which results directly in safe and functional software quality. Our team has proficient Quality Assurance consultants that provide end to end quality assurance services. We aim at bestowing value at every step of the software development process. By introducing quality assurance in the beginning of the development, we assist our clients in coping up with deadlines by eliminating risks before it is late.

Here is our expertise and procedures of Quality assurance.

Constructing QA Processes at Each Step

Many firms that develop software, consider testing just a final phase. When they think that the software is ready to launch, they run tests on it. This is where blunders appear that cost money and time. A problem may pop out that belongs to the initial step of software development. Now, this problem will cause a lot of trouble as it would have if noticed in the beginning. Therefore, we make sure that testing is done and quality is assured at each step. In this way, our experts have enough time to look out for each fragment of code and resolve issues if there are any. We save our clients’ time and money and don’t burden him with problems just before the launch. We are able to detect the errors in the very beginning which aids us in speeding up the development process with any correction that is required.

Functional Testing

Progress comes when the client and developers are on the same page. To make sure that the clients’ aims are matching ours, functional testing is the best option to avail. We apply this method to review the implementations and check on whether all the requirements of clients are fulfilled or not. If there is any lacking, we solve the issue. To perform it, our fantastic team Quality Assurance examines the capability of an information system to resolve the issues that are incurred by the users under diverse problems. By simulating the real use of the system, functional testing permits us to quickly notice errors and fix them on time from the early stages of software development.

Usability and UI Testing

Usability and UI testing are essential tests that determine the quality assurance. If the product is not easy to use then it is of no use. If the user interface is not according to clients’ demands then it’s a big issue. Therefore our usability tests are done to make sure that the product is easy to use at every level. UI testing makes sure that virtually it is up to the mark and doesn’t contain any glitches at any point. We use several combinations of tests to detect errors and bugs. Our skilled team perform their tasks diligently to make sure the product runs on every app and browser perfectly.

Unit Testing

Unit testing’s aim is to basically decrease the threat of reversion defects when the code changes. It discreetly tests the performance of every autonomous unit of database code in the artificial atmosphere. By operating it, our expert dev teams examine separate components and formulate individual code for examining these components. As a final point, we evidently apprehend every part within the complete software system.

Automation Testing and Stress Testing

The automated analysis is a correspondent of physical operational testing that comes to our rescue when we cannot organize some testings’ physically or they necessitate substantial expenses. Through the utilization of distinct automation apparatuses, we formulate an endways mechanization script to test if the features of the products are functioning properly. Such automated methods increase the quality’s excellence and also the swiftness of the examining process.

We conduct such tests to inspect if your invention can work soundly under extra loads and with the necessary quantity of consumers.

The only difference is that performance and load testing estimates the timely response when an application is being used by a large quantity of consumers. To check if the system has enough speed when the application is being used by a large number of users, we examine the capabilities of the application to upsurge the load of the server making the servers crash.

We can allocate you a committed QA team for your long-winded (e.g. accomplishing QA errands on a round-the-clock basis meanwhile SDLC) and briefly (e.g. organizing some selected difficult categories of testing) testing dynamism.

Our QA experts can be a part of both our in-house team that will work on your projects from beginning to end locally, and the devoted group, which grows your internal branches, being in charge of autonomous examining of your products.

Even if we are dispersed geographically, we give proper attention to productive communication, proficient documents, clever use of progressions, their incessant development and modifying to shifting project settings.

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