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Branded SMS Marketing Service

Branded  SMS Marketing Service Company in Karachi Pakistan

We are offering Branded SMS Service in Pakistan for your Business Growth! As we know that new platforms and channels are emerging daily and cell phones are taking a strong lead. We at Dotklick provide a bespoke evaluation of your SMS Marketing strategy customized to fulfill business requirements. Don’t miss out a huge business opportunity – go mobile!

Now you can send SMS in bulk in with your own Brand Name of your company/product to all mobile numbers throughout Pakistan and globally as well. Develop your Brand to increase Brand Credibility in the Market and also build audience trust leading to the information of branded SMS. Branded SMS, Generally, is the most effective approach to take for commercial and non-commercial businesses and educational institutes where swiftness and reliability of the content really matters.

The resulting rate in sending Branded SMS is a lot greater than SMS sent by any normal mobile number. Branded SMS are SMTP/HTTP web-based solution which allows businesses and individuals to send SMS message with their Brand name “Alpha/Numeric” instead of a mobile number. It’s not simply an SMS; it’s a Branded SMS Marketing with your own company name.


Benefit from branded SMS as a fundamental part of your entire business interactionapproach,you can utilizeit 24/7, 365 days a year via Dotklick versatile SMS solutions. Remember! We are always going to be the best revolutionary gadget for your business, as we have proved it in past times working together with the most prominent customers. Want to build trust and wish to attract more customers to hire you? Try our Branded SMS service for all what you need.

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