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Mehboob Ali Shar | Renowned Global Search Engine Optimizer

Mehboob Ali Shar(Mahboob Ali), an IT graduate from Quaid e Awam University, having 14 years of experience in Software Development, web development, IT Consultancy, and SEO Consultancy.

Currently working as a CEO of Icreativez Technologies and Managing SEO projects at Icreativez Technologies.

Mehboob Shar having a graduate degree in information technology, although he worked many years as a Software Engineer he analyzed that digital marketing is his field of interest and especially SEO and he moved, first he started ranking his own website, after working many months on his own company website he did many experiences that what exactly is working and what is not working, he is not an SEO specialist who learned online lessons/tutorials and courses to become an SEO expert but he applied all the things one by one to make sure that what is working and what is not.

According to him, if you want to learn search engine optimization then do first thing first, which means go through the Google search engine optimization guide before learning anything from any resource, yes if you have no knowledge of basic HTML coding, etc then you can try to get help from any source/ trainer, etc but make it sure to learn and understand Google guidelines first.

His second rule is don't write content for search engines but write the content that provides value to the users/visitors, "Yes" optimize the content for search engines. in other words, you have to interest interesting content for the people and most importantly simple, easy to understand and informative content always plays the role of king.

Do you know his( Mehboob Shar) specialty? He never takes more than 20 SEO projects at the same time, in order to deliver quality work he has some rules and limitations and not handle projects more than 20. Yes, his team can avail more projects but if you want the special involvement of Mehboob Shar in your project then first confirm from him that he has slots available for the new projects.

Mehboob Ali Shar Top SEO Person

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